Yoga For Weight Loss – Discover The Best Yoga Exercises, Poses & Diet


Yoga is popular as a body and mind relaxing exercise that brings great changes in your overall outlook of life, however, some also practice yoga for getting weight loss. The traditional way of doing yoga may not be very effective for losing weight, but if it is combined with some other workouts and diet plans, it will work amazingly quick and unwanted fat will vanish as this practice improves blood circulation, flexibility and toning of muscles and this is why weight loss through yoga has become a popular technique to get lean, trimmed and sexy body.

Connection between Yoga and Weight Loss

When you perform yoga, it arises wishes in your mind to be healthier and fitter and changes in your lifestyle affect each and every aspect of your life including wrong eating patterns and when a strong connection is built up between your mind and body, it makes it easier for you to eat in a much better way. According to a research study, Yoga exercises can be helpful in promoting weight loss.

Fat loss occurs even much faster when your mind begins realizing and understanding what you should be eating and not eating during training and it helps you avoid all unhealthy foods that actually promote fat gain in your body. Ultimately, having relaxed mind and body is resulted into faster calories burned.

Is Yoga Good for Weight Loss?

weightlossyogaYes, it is really good and there are a number of reasons to believe that yoga actually brings awesome changes in your overall life. Kundalini yoga, commonly known as power yoga, is proven to be greatly helpful in blasting excessive body weight with its amazing techniques. There is a significant evidence now that yoga may be useful in supporting healthy lifestyle including weight loss.

Benefits of Yoga

There are lots of great benefits of yoga; some of them are mentioned below:

1) Natural Way to Lose Weight

The first and most important benefit of yoga is that with the help of this exercise, you can easily lose excessive body weight without using harmful techniques and strict dieting plans.

2) Impressive Body Physique

The second most important benefit of yoga is that if you practice it continuously, you can achieve impressive body physique that can make people turn back and look at you with great applause.

3) Full Body Training

As yoga is a full body training workout, it is proven to be extremely effective in reducing fat in almost all major and most visible body areas such as abdomen, chest, hips, thighs and upper arms, so you can easily lose weight doing yoga.

4) Get Flat Tummy

It can also help you get rid of constant constipation, other gastric problems and disorders, and as the result you can get flat tummy which every man and woman wants but not all can get it unless they work too hard. Moreover, the gland functions are also improved which help in losing weight and getting the body in good shape.

5) Balanced Appetite & Healthy Foods

Practice of yoga also improves functions of liver and you get improved digestive system which also balances appetite so you don’t feel cravings for unhealthy foods and you find it much easier to eat only healthy meals.

6) Proper Intake of Nutrition

Yoga actually creates awareness among the users about weight loss, healthy life and healthy eating, thus, this all results in proper intake of nutrition. When you do it, you can also avoid junks foods. Therefore, you must follow yoga diet for weight loss.

7) Improved Blood Circulation

There are some specific yoga practices which are exclusively designed for weight loss purpose, flow of blood circulation in the body and improve cardiovascular function.

8) Psychological & Physiological Issues

If you have some kind of stress, which is a major cause of weight gain, you will get rid of it completely. There are various psychological and physiological reasons for weight gain and with the help of yoga all can be addressed.

Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

There are a number of good yoga poses and 3 of them are mentioned below. Try them to get brilliant weight loss results.

1) Cobra Pose

  • Cobra pose is considered to be the best yoga for weight loss, proven to be very effective in losing weight. It has been exclusively designed to work with the muscles in buttock area and tone the muscles in abdominal area.
  • You can perform this pose by lying down on flat surface of the floor with your face down to the floor side. Put both of your hands right under the shoulders and at the same time, try to press your legs and hips downward.
  • Now try to lift your upper body area slowly and carefully ensuring that your shoulders are still back and gaze in upward direction. Stay in this pose for a period of time in which you can easily take up to 5 deep breathes before you release out and exhale.

2) Bow Pose

  • The second effective pose is called Bow Pose which might seem to be a little more complicated in beginning, but when you practice it, you find it easier. Bow pose has been designed to work effectively to burn out all excessive layers of fat in the body while toning the abdominal, leg and arm muscles.
  • In this pose, you lay down on your stomach and then bend the knees slowly so you can grasp your feet. Try lifting upper body area while you are also trying to extend out your feet in upward position.
  • However, make sure that your shoulder blades remain relaxed during this exercise. When you have taken proper pose, hold on to this for a period in which you can take 8-10 breaths before you get relaxed.

3) Wind Relieving Pose

  • Yoga weight loss plan also includes wind relieving pose which has been designed to strengthen and tone abdominal body region and those who have tried this unique pose believes it really works amazingly fast.
  • Lie down on flat surface of the floor and then try to bring your both knees at the same time toward your chest but do it slowly and carefully as there is no need to hurry.
  • Also, keep both of your ankles together, grasping both of the arms over knees while slowly lifting your head. In this position, you can stay about 4-5 deep breathing time and then relax.

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