Yan Yin Yoga – Discovering Your Feminine Polarity


The practice of this ancient discipline came to our continent to stay and became the first discipline of Oriental origin, more practiced in the West, where it has been embraced predominantly by females with 70% of participants in yoga rooms. Unlike East, specifically India, its country of origin, where it has been practiced for millennia by men, this wonderful genre that lacks discipline and can speak of ‘yoga’ which states that everything in Creation has two polarities: male and female, has left little room for women to assume important roles in spiritual guides. Compared to the vast number of men who devote their lives to teach this philosophy could give us the idea that it is a discipline YAN (male energy) to YIN (feminine energy), but if we inquire into its essence, it seems as contrast and its evolution is perfect as it is.

The practice of physical yoga so popular with its asanas (postures) manages to develop among other valences and flexibilities, which is easier for female practitioners to win because of their intrinsic anatomy, increased secretion of estrogen which leads to an increased water retention giving the least tissue density, thus, greater extensibility, a percentage of higher fat and less muscle mass than men. But through perseverance, the practitioner develops man alike these conditions and both manage to shape their bodies redefining them externally and internally and make them functional bodies as strong, flexible, responsive and efficient which are able to meet the daily demands of stress and fatigue, minimizing the risk of injury. So with constant practice, body is molded by strengthening and softening while giving a very particular defined line, which refers to figures and subtle contours that deviate from the principle of large muscle volume and sharp angles in its constitution muscle joints. If we see the body of a practitioner of weights and a yoga practitioner we can clearly notice a difference. This quality will undoubtedly vibrates YIN (feminine) polarity.

Mental & Emotional

Socially, women define themselves mentally even more complex as well as emotional and sensitive with respect to men. We could argue that it is part of their intrinsic nature. The female exclusive maternity and gives a deeper meaning particularly with regard to the realm of emotions. Yoga offers the opportunity to experience a mind-body connection through the breath that is achieving progressive re-education of both mind and emotions and the senses. Yoga practitioners discovered through perseverance, which can gradually become masters of their emotions and desires, from slavery to the dominion of this powerful flow of energy through humility, detachment and refined sensibility. The interesting thing is to look at the process as men are practitioners can make it a little easier to reach this state, even more than females themselves, because once you manage to break their usual mindsets and behavior patterns, their perception of themselves and their environment is changing and with them their consciousness, leaving open the possibility of recognizing man and get in touch with their feminine polarity.

Thus, men and women being practitioners of this ancient discipline fail to notice in their lives with more or less intensity an authentic re-balance between the two polarities. Yoga comes to function as a regulator of this current YIN-YANG (male-female), HA-THA (sun-moon) ALFA-OMEGA, FIRE, WATER, POSITIVE, NEGATIVE, bringing them both to experience a more compassionate consciousness, creative, detached, sensitive, infinite and universal.

So we can figure out that Yoga is for women as well as for men, for the adult as well as for the elderly, for the young or for the child, for the athlete or the sedentary, yoga is for everyone. According to the effort and perseverance in our practice, we will get the benefits and results. But it will be much easier when we recognize as we come and we vibrate a little more with the feminine aspect of God that dwells in each of us.

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