Are You Thinking About A Transition from Wrestling To MMA? Follow These 3 Amazing Tips!


If you’re planning to start MMA with a background of wrestling then this is the best base you already have. Most of the basic things are the same in wrestling and MMA such as controlling and dominating the opponent. Just like MMA, wrestlers have to make weight and therefore they are already trained for it. The toughness learned in wrestling is very useful in MMA, as you have to do the same just like pushing yourself beyond your limits even if you’re exhausted. The wrestlers have already practiced developing stamina and patience that is needed the most in the MMA. With all these benefits, wrestlers actually have dominated MMA. Make sure you learn and adopt new styles just the way you adopt new training gear. You can become successful in MMA as well if you make this transition properly. 

  1. You Should Master At Least One Striking Art 

As the name suggests mixed martial arts is a mix of different martial arts, so if you’re expert at one only then this is not good enough for you. MMA fighters these days are experts in various fighting styles. While making a transition, prefer using your wrestling base. As you already are an expert in grappling art, you should now learn striking-based martial art. If you think you’re a bit uncomfortable at striking for the rest of the fight, try to get more sparring time. 

Needless to say, there must be other fighters that have made the same transition, so don’t think you can defeat the opponent with your expertise in wrestling. You may encounter an opponent who is more expert than you in wrestling. So, always be prepared for it. So, you have to master at least one striking art while making a transition. As you’re transitioning from wrestling to MMA, you must know the importance of wearing appropriate MMA gear as well. Learn to be comfortable in MMA gear. 

2. Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

Sometimes having a wrestling background and recently learned MMA both fail. Never mind, there is a solution to this problem too. If you fail at both, you must have another option in hand. Therefore, try to embrace BJJ as well. As a wrestler doing MMA, you can learn doing submissions that are a common technique in BJJ. This becomes a wild combination and your opponent will definitely fall down by any of the techniques used by you. BJJ teaches you how to position yourself correctly and how to have stronger control over the opponent before making any major move. However, if you want to be even more expert in MMA, you can learn more styles of fighting as well. However, wrestling, MMA, and BJJ is the best combination to learn.

3. Practice with The Best MMA Partner

It is always best to practice your MMA skills with the best partner. If your partner is more expert than you then it is best for you, as you will set a higher standard for yourself. Moreover, your partner will help you a lot in making this transition while teaching you more MMA techniques during the training. You must be doing your training under the supervision of a competent MMA instructor that would be an icing on the cake. Never rely only on your partner, rather learn useful tips from the trainer as well who can guide both of you. During your practice, do put all the styles altogether. Learn when to apply which style to overcome your opponent. One thing to consider here is that you must become an expert in flowing smoothly between wrestling, MMA, BJJ, or any other styles you have learned.  

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