Will Breast Augmentation Make My Boobs Bigger


Breast augmentation surgery is common among women for a variety of reasons. Confidence or self-esteem, a longing for a younger, more attractive appearance, and a transition to a pre-childbirth image are all possible motivators. However, it’s critical to completely comprehend the terminology used when assessing any surgery. This includes being able to differentiate between a breast implant and breast augmentation. All of your questions about these procedures can be answered by Dr. Patronella, who is the best plastic surgeon in Houston.

Breast Implant- What is it?

A cosmetic procedure that increases the breasts’ size is referred to as breast augmentation. Breast augmentation surgery is amongst the most prevalent body-contouring cosmetic procedures nationwide. What is the reason for this? Many women desire their breasts to be bigger and fuller. Others pursue breast augmentation to fix an asymmetry in the breast. In certain cases, some women have lost their breasts due to cancer. 

Cosmetic surgery procedures are now delivering outcomes that are more realistic than ever before, due to advancements in breast augmentation techniques over the last ten years.

Is Breast Augmentation Going to Make My Breasts Look Perkier?

Breast augmentation surgery makes the breasts look larger and denser, but it does not lift them. A breast lift will be a wiser option for you if you want shapelier breasts. Breast augmentation makes the breasts look larger and denser, but it does not lift them. A breast lift will be a wiser option for you if you want shapelier breasts.

A breast lift, as the name suggests, adjusts, raises, and redefines the breasts. Breast lifts are often pursued after childbirth or significant weight loss. This is due to the sagging of the breasts. Another alternative that women decide on is a combination of breast augmentation operation with a breast lift.

Who are Suitable Candidates for Breast Augmentation?

Candidates for this procedure should be nonsmokers that are in fairly good shape and have a healthy weight. Patients should not be expecting a child or nursing a baby. Aside from that, any woman seeking larger breasts for aesthetic reasons or to fix disproportionate breasts are suitable for breast augmentation.

Are There Other Types Breast Procedures?

Breast Reduction

The breast reduction procedure makes the breast proportionate with the body. At the same time, it alleviates the pressure and back problems that extraordinarily large breasts can cause. 

Breast Reconstruction

This procedure is usually performed on individuals who have lost their breast because of a mastectomy. Breast reconstructive surgery typically aims to return the breast to its original state, giving it a regular and natural appearance.

Breast augmentation along with the other two styles of breast surgery are performed by the best plastic surgeon in Houston. His office has a comprehensive range of other body-contouring procedures available as well.

What is the Difference Between Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation refers to a group of procedures that expand the breasts, Breast implants, on the other hand, are artificial components that are specially designed to surgical insert into the boobs and assist with the augmentation procedure. It is the most popular form of breast augmentation. In most cases, breast implants will last about a decade, so you’ll be able to reap the benefits for a long time. For long-lasting results, visit the best plastic surgeon in Houston.

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