Why You Must Know Your Body’s Actual Caloric Requirement?


No matter how much exercises you do every day and how much involved you are in physical activities, you must know what your daily consumption of calories is and what it should be. Despite, you spend lots of time at the gym in doing weight loss exercises, if you are failed, it shows you are not taking the appropriate amount of calories that your body requires on daily basis only because of not knowing your body rightly. Here are some reasons why you must know what should be your correct caloric requirement of your body.

Reason # 1: Serious Health Related Issues

If you don’t know your body’s actual requirement and eating too much calories every day, you are not just causing weight gain but also putting yourself at greater risk of developing various serious health conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other serious conditions.

Reason # 2: Becoming a Victim of Obesity

If you eat when you don’t feel like eating or not feeling hungry, you are actually over stuffing your body with foods. The researches have shown that a vast majority of the people has got addicted to this wrong and unhealthy habit of eating. You must stop yourself as it increase the risk of getting obesity and once you get obesity, it becomes quite difficult to get rid of it.

Reason # 3: Eating out at Restaurants

If you go to a restaurant and eat a burger or a sandwich, you don’t usually know how much calories you are eating in just one sandwich as it contains lots of calories. Gone are the days when the size of burger or sandwich used to be small, now they are quite large even if you eat one, you don’t need to eat your lunch or dinner at all. Eating at restating is a big cause to increase weigh especially if you are trying to lose weight, you must avoid eating out at restaurants or at least you should know your caloric limits so you can stop yourself eating too much stuff at a time.

Reason # 4: Stabilizing Insulin Level

There are so many people who don’t eat their breakfast due to the fact that they are too busy or don’t have time in the morning. Skipping breakfast make you feel tired throughout the day and it also destabilizes insulin level. Therefore, you must have your breakfast even if you are getting late from your office. Start your day with healthy eggs because they contain protein and help you stay energetic throughout the day.

Reason # 5: Diabetes Type 2 & Stroke

If you are one of those who often skip meals, you are putting yourself into great risk as skipping regular meals often cause metabolic syndrome which is said to be a bunch of various issues develop at the same time. This syndrome can cause stroke and diabetes type 2. Therefore, you must never miss your meal. Eat little if you are not feeling very hungry but don’t miss it.

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