Why Women Must Avoid Diet Soda Consumption?


Do you think that the simplest rule to lose weight is to replace sugary drinks? Or eating low calories and low fat foods? Or avoiding bad foods? Or reducing calories consumptions? You believe in all or anyone of them as they are considered to be the basic principles which we have always been told. However, now they seem to be just the myths or false advertisement. In fact, it has been claimed that these are basically the part of diet and food industry propaganda campaign to sell their products.

Diet Soda Might Cause You Gain Weight

You might be quite surprised to hear that diet soda that you drink to avoid gaining fat, actually causes you gain more fat. Moreover, it has also been said to cause diabetes type 2. If simply taking low calories could help you lose weight, then it was right to say that diet drinks can be a good fat loss idea.

Female Diet Soda Drinkers

Years of researches have proven that the female diet drinkers who have been drinking for quite some time are more prone to get effected with blood clots, heart attacks and other issues related to cardiovascular system. On the other hand those who don’t ever consume such beverages with artificial sweetened taste are on much safer side.

Astonishing Facts Revealed in Study

A study was conducted in which about 60 thousands women (average age 63) participated from different states of America. All of them were divided into 4 groups according to the amount they consume every day during the last three months period.

Group A

Heavy consumers who had about 2 or more diet drink every single day were included into this group.

Group B

Those who had 5-7 drinks with artificial sweetness in seven days.

Group C

Those who had 1-4 drinks during the week.

Group D

Those who claimed never or hardly ever had any diet drinks.

After 9 years of the above study, the team of the researchers had another survey to check the effects of diet soda on overall health of the women participated in previous research. It was checked how many of those women had to suffer from heart related diseases and issues such as strokes, heart attacks, blood clots etc.

It was revealed that the women who drank diet heavily were suffered or more prone to get suffered with various heart related problems. On contrary, those who had never had any kind of beverages with artificial sweetness were on the safe side.

Final Words

It is not the only research work done to find the side effects of diet soda consumption and associated cardiovascular diseases but a lot of work has already been done on this subject and there are very clear signs that drinking diet soda can be really problematic for your overall body health, therefore, you must avoid it as much as possible. Don’t believe in what advertisement says to sell products, follow your heart and use your mind to distinguish between right and wrong choices.

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