Why To Biohack Leptin & Ghrelin Hormones to Lose Weight


Strategies to lose weight is all about following the best foods and the most effective exercise routines and if they are not working, it means there is something wrong about them and you need to do something else that can boost weight loss process. If you have already tried some of the techniques but could not find the desired results, you might be having biochemical problems which might be preventing your body to shed fat.

Why Ghrelin & Leptin are Important?

You must know that the hormones called Ghrelin and leptin control your appetite and the weight loss as well. They send signals to your brain so it can realize that now they are full and don’t need to eat more. Therefore, imbalances to the levels of those hormones might cause your body lose its fat loss ability and then it will become much difficult for it fight against food cravings.

Why You Need To Optimize These Hormones?

Unfortunately, you are unable to control biology and if you are struggling with weight gain issues, you have no other way rather than sticking to the healthy lifestyle habits and most appropriate food choices to optimize ghrelin and leptin hormones. And if you don’t do this, you will experience an uncontrolled lust for foods which will get you to put on excessive weight without making resistance.

How To Biohack Your Hormones?

If you think your appetite has got completely out of control and you can’t’ control it anymore, you need to consider biohacking technique and below you will find some of the effective ways to increase leptin and limit ghrelin in your body.

Monosodium Glutamate

  • Monosodium glutamate or MSG actually causes the problems with the function of yourappetite and it suddenly gets out of control. Now what you need to do is to avoid getting MSG.
  • In case of having MSG, the leptin gets suppressed and body’s ability to single the brain gets greatly reduced which is resulted into more consumption of meals.
  • Remember that MSG is found in almost all processed foods, fast foods and whole foods.

Avoid Fructose

  • Fructoses are usually found in large quantity in snack foods and soft drinks but they might also be found in some of the fruits and juices.
  • The problem with the consumption of fructose containers is that they don’t just prevent the insulin and leptin but also increase triglycerides and ghrelin after having meal.
  • This abnormal situation will lead you to get excessive consumption of calories and therefore you must avoid them.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • When you are overweight, you have more inflammation in your body and your body has to release a particular type of molecule which is said to be a major cause of decreasing communication capability of leptin.
  • Now if you increase the intake of omega3 fatty acids in your diet, it will help you boost leptin and reduce molecules which will be resulted into better communication between leptin and brain.

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