Why Should You Drink Tea?


It has been proven that tea has really good effects for the body and it is believed that some types of tea are packed with antioxidants which are really helpful in fighting against different kinds of bacteria and infections and the use of tea in larger quantity can greatly reduce the risk of such infections. Moreover, the recent studies show that it is also effective in fighting against certain types of cancers. Tea can also be used to burn excessive body fat and get into proper body shape.

The Use of Ginger to Curb Hunger

  • The use of this spicy tea along with the meal will help stay fuller for many hours after you have finished your meal. The studies show that the spiciness or hotness found in the ginger tea brings warmth sensation inside the body which in result curb hunger.
  • To judge the effects of ginger, an experiment was conducted at the Columbia University where they chose two groups of people. Group A was given a cup of hot water with 2 tbs of ground ginger dissolved root into it along with orange juices and muffins while the Group B was just given breakfast.
  • After 3 hours, both the groups were examined and it was revealed that group A was not feeling very hungry while the other group consumed more foods and still felt hungry. If you don’t like to use ginger power, you can go for ginger tea bag which is easily available.

The Use of Chamomile to Improve the Moods

  • The use of chamomile has been very effective in relaxing one’s mind and body and you can even sleep much better. The chamomile flowers are used to prepare tea which works to brighten and lighten spirits.
  • An experiment was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania in which a patent who was having extreme level of depression recommended to use the capsules of chamomile-extract for about 8 weeks to reduce the depression. After 8 weeks, the patient felt about 30% improvement in symptoms such as the feeling of guilt, sadness, and low libido.

The Use of Hibiscus to Boost Immunity

Hibiscus is a flowering plant that belongs to the mallow family Malvaceae and it is larger with many hundred species. The tea is made from hibiscus flowers and gives amazing amount of impressive perks. If you include 8-ounce of cup in your daily diet, it can brag 60% of your everyday requirements for antioxidant and vitamin C and this can help you maintain and make your immune system even much stronger. It will also help you in keeping your skin healthy and will also produce the required amount of collagen which is considered to be an essential protein to keep the skin smooth, radiant and elastic.

The Use of Green Tea to Burn Fat

The studies show that green tea contains EGCG which is a potent substance can slower down the gaining weight process from the fatty foods that you include in your routine diet. Further to this, it was also said that the EGCG prevents fat absorption in the body and boosts metabolic rate which speeds up fat burning process.

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