Why Gardening is a Great Activity for Burning Fat


When attempting to burn off excess fat, you can go about it one of two ways. Increased physical exercise is a preferred weight loss method as is improved eating habits. To burn fat through diet, you need to consider what your regular diet consists of at the present and then create a new meal plan that reduces your intake of calories and fat. Exercise is also an excellent means of burning fat, building muscle and strengthening the heart muscle. No matter what physical condition you are in, gardening is a fun as well as a physically rigorous activity. Use the My Gardening Network website to find ways to design your outdoor space that will keep you occupied and in shape. Discover why gardening is the best high intensity, low impact form of exercise around.

It’s Easy on Your Joints

Whether your gardening routine consists of adding new topsoil and weeding your plants every week, or just walking around to water your foliage, you will definitely burn extra fat. Because a lot of activities can be performed from a sitting or kneeling position, you won’t feel stress on your knees or your hips even if you garden from sun up until sun down. Older people and those who are nursing chronic injuries generally find that they are very limited on the kinds of exercise they can perform. Gardening not only gets your body fit by burning fat, it is a great activity to participate in that will leave you more empowered.

Gardening Works Your Upper and Lower Body

Walking, jogging, and running will get your thighs, buttocks, and calves looking tight and firm but you will also have to find an upper body exercise routine to keep things balanced. Lifting weights is the best way to define your chest, arms, and shoulders, but you might find that you need a different exercise to work out your core. Gardening offers the perfect low impact full body exercise routine that is doable for both beginners and experts. The bigger the garden that you tend to, the more hours of fat burning activity you will have ahead of you.

You Can Safely Garden for Hours

Since gardening is, by large, an outdoor activity, it is best to begin work just as the sun rises. Gardening will put you in direct contact with the sun, which can be draining if you aren’t dressed properly or suffer from poor health. The good news is that gardening is something that you can do in spurs, taking breaks when you need them and then resuming work when you feel ready again. Performing a few hours a week of gardening will have your muscles feeling a lot stronger.

The reason that gardening really works is that it doesn’t actually feel like exercise at all. While your goal might be planting colorful flowers to beautify your front yard, you are going to break out in a full sweat as you complete the job. Remember to keep your body hydrated as you maintain a gorgeous garden that you can be extremely proud of.

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