What is Power Walking, Its Benefits & Comparison?


Sometime in your life, you start thinking to do exercises to enjoy the benefits of healthy living and then you begin but after a few days or weeks, you feel you are not getting any improvement and you immediately decide to quit whatever you are doing. This is one of the biggest mistakes in your life that you make because the only thing that can guarantee your success in the end is your consistency.

If you don’t have passion to do something with consistency in your life, you will never be succeeded. Hence, if you really want to see the improvement and success, you must be consistent, regular and patient. This article is about power walking and the consistency is the only thing which can turn this simple exercise into your best workouts ever. Scroll down the page to read what power walking is. Why is it better than jogging and running and what benefits you can get?

Power Walking Definition

Walking is the part of routine life activities but when we say Power Walking, this might be a new term for many people and they would like to know what is power walking?

  • Power walking is basically an act of walking with an upper end speed of the natural walking range. It is simply the way you walk but in this case, you need to have stability and balanced in your movement.
  • When you perform this technique, you have to involve proper movements of your foot and the arms as well and when you do this, you actually facilitate many other body organs to make proper moves without having any hindrance.
  • As this exercise is for gaining health benefits, you should also wear comfortable and loosen clothes so you can move easily. Moreover, wearing sports shoes will also help you maintain your balance and you will be able to gain more benefits.

Power Walking vs Jogging

Is power walking better than jogging? Well, this question is really important as both of the ways of exercising are great and used by large number of people.

  • However, if compare the ways of their movements, you will find a difference as in power walking, your one foot should always be touching ground at all times and you use brisk pace to walk. You can also use a treadmill to put your one foot on it.
  • If you are doing power walking on treadmill, also allows you to use weights to increase the amount of resistance. Moreover, you can also swing your arms.
  • During a brisk walk, you normally take deep breathing but this does not make you sweat heavily. However, it increases your heart rate which is quite necessary to burn excessive fat and other acids stored in your body.
  • As mentioned above that in Jogging you take brisk pace which makes it a slow form of running. This way you can put less stress on your body to enhance your physical fitness. However, you have to keep a steady speed for a longer period and usually done on long distances.

Power Walking vs Running

If you tell someone about the health benefits of walking, power walking, jogging and other movements, he might still think “Is power walking better than running?” Well, all aerobic and cardiovascular exercises have their own benefits but when you compare power walking and running, there is off course a difference between them as power walking can let you burn more amount of calories than you can burn by running. When you walk, you have to spend larger resources of energy stored in your body but surely your body burns much more calories than the running.

What are Major Advantages of Power Walking?

If you are following a program for gaining overall body fitness you must be different types of exercises but if your routine is missing power walking, you are actually missing a great source of gaining lots advantages.

  • You must include power walking in your routine workout as this will protect you from various serious diseases. You can also control high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. You can also use it to eliminate the increasing risk of strokes, diabetes and cancer.
  • In addition to the above chronic diseases, there are so many other physical and psychological problems such as stress, tiredness, fatigue, gloomy mood, sadness, depression, etc. If your mind and body are free from such health problems, you can give much better performance in every way of your life.
  • One more advantage you can get by doing power walking for weight loss. You can burn lots of calories because power walking to lose weight is effective for all muscle groups. This way of walking involves the movement of arms and feet which makes it really useful way to burn maximum number of calories.
  • If you use a brisk pace of 4 miles per hour, you can easily burn about 300 – 400 calories which means you don’t have to go for harsh dieting routine workouts as the calories burned power walking is working effectively for you.
  • If you have 150 pounds of weight and just spend about 180 minutes during the whole week, you can easily burn about 1800 power walking calories. If you can follow this routine, that’s’ good but if you find it difficult as you have never done anything before and this is the first time you are doing power walking technique, you can simply spend 10 minutes every day.
  • When you do power walking, you will notice peace of mind as during the walking your brain leaves endorphins which are responsible for making mood. When you are mentally relaxed, you will be able to enjoy your life in a much better way.
  • The power walking will work to strengthen your upper as well as lower body regions and the bones and muscles get really stronger.
  • Power walking on treadmill is another way to perform this exercise. Many people like to have on power walk on a treadmill but the benefits of outdoor walk are unlimited.

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