What Is A Christian Alcohol And Drug Rehab All About?


With so many Christian alcohol treatment centers offering the powerful combination of drug rehabilitation treatment, Christian drug counseling, and the empowerment of their own faith in God, individuals can successfully tread the path to a complete recovery from addiction to drugs.

Treatment at an alcohol center that is Christian-based is noticeably distinct from most conventional alcoholism rehab treatment methodologies simply because it points attendees to turn to Jesus Christ. This is compared to many other 12-step recovery remedy process techniques such as Alcoholics Anonymous. You can also find faith-based treatment at bibett.org.

That is not to say that AA does not try to steer their members toward God; they just try to use the backdoor method and use the term higher power a lot. Now in the big book of alcoholics anonymous, God is mentioned a lot.

According to the Christian drug rehab viewpoint, other treatment methods that attempt to please their main non-believer client base are genuinely doing their members a disservice. This is because of the fact they aren’t stating that it’s God alone who has the power to counsel them in finding their way out of the vicious cycle of dependency and devastating addiction. The beliefs and teachings that God will help those who help themselves are at the core of the alcohol treatment approach followed at these centers.

Various, if not most faith-rooted, Christian alcohol rehab protocols see alcohol addiction as both a physical along with a spiritual illness. Just because Christian booze rehab approaches the centrality of God inside their remedy process, it must be pointed out, doesn’t mean that they close their eyes to significant treatment factors. For instance, rehab based on Christian methods commonly employs the most efficient therapeutic methodologies, medical practices, and behavioral remedies that combine Biblical scripture within the whole alcohol rehab procedure are used as tools for a complete alcoholic recovery.

Most Christians are conscious that their mere belief is customarily not adequate enough to assist them in quitting the abuse of alcohol and drugs. More generally than not, Christians who are addicted to booze are in pain from legal difficulties, relationship and family complications, employment problems, and/or poor mental and physical health. Regularly these situations slowly degrade until the abuser begins drinking alcohol in a hazardous, excessive, and irresponsible manner.

Christian therapy for alcohol dependency helps men and women turn out to be totally free from the cravings while at the same time striking out the destructive and unhealthy thoughts and actions that contradict their Christian beliefs. Sometimes the only thing that can make all the difference between a relapse and stay sober is that extra bit of spirituality.

I have never been to a Christian rehab, but I have known a few folks who have, and they claim that the programs are great. I see is that most of the ones I have seen go have returned home and thought they had it all figured out is they now had God in their life. Once you believe that God is with you, there is nothing that can stop you from recovering from any addiction.

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