Weight Loss Mistakes Made by Beginners


Whenever you begin something new or are doing it for the first time, there is every chance that despite your best intentions, you are doing something wrong. Thus those who enter into a weight loss program may be dismayed to find out after a while that they are putting on weight rather than taking it off. But take heart and do not despair- I am here to give you a few good pointers that will hopefully undo the damage and put you back on the road to progress.

I) Overestimating Workout Intensity

Well, since some of you would be exercising for the first time anyway, it is quite reasonable to assume that you would be over-estimating the time you have been exercising or the total effort you have expended so far in terms of calories. Quite likely you feel you’ve run a marathon on your first day on the track, when the fact is you’ve only covered about half a mile. One easy way to time yourself is to work with moderate intensity for about 12 minutes at the least- to burn down fats. Scientists have noted that this is the minimum time required to activate lipase- which breaks down fats in the human body.

II) Underestimating Food Intake

The second wrong habit that needs to be corrected in most beginners to weight loss programs is concerned with their frequent under-estimation regarding their food intake. The best way to counter this error is to keep a food journal. I know and understand that most people are embarrassed at having to be so exact, so one solution is to carry a small writing pad or notebook around with you (that can fit in your pocket or purse) and keep on noting important details such as times of meals, snacks, places you ate at and what is the estimation of calories consumed. Over time you will tend to get better both at keeping a record and estimating calories eaten, which will make your scores more accurate and dependable. Anyway, stepping on the scale twice a day-once after just getting up in the morning and the second time just before going to bed-will give you an accurate measure of what you have gained or lost in terms of weight over the day. Machines don’t lie, so just be patient and persevere and you will be rewarded.

III) Chugging Sports Drinks

Recent research has determined that even the most conscientious of sports drinks contain a minimum amount of sugar. So if you are truly determined to beat the bulge and exacerbate your weight loss, do the inevitable and cut out all sports and sugary drinks, even diet sodas and fruit drinks from your diet. Fruit drinks have fructose which converts to sugar, while the aspartame in diet drinks and even Stevia has been given the bad press it deserves.

IV) Skipping out on Resistance Training

Experience with weight loss candidates has shown that it pays to take on a variety of exercises, from cardio to jogging to weight training to induce the body to lose weight as well as build better shape. Both these efforts are often intertwined and occur simultaneously. Just doing weights and avoiding stretching, cardio or yoga on alternate days will be counterproductive as the body needs to recover from one set of exercises while you are doing the next. Don’t give up on cardio just yet.

V) Only doing pre-workout stretches

This last tip is a sign that you need to give more attention to the details of your workout. While we are overly enthusiastic at the beginning of a workout, we tend to tire as it progresses and this leads to exhaustion at the end of the regimen. Some people skip the cooling down part which is equally important for your body. Secondly, do you know that stretching with imaginary weights is one strategy to speed up your progress prior to a weight lifting session? Believe me, working out using visualization techniques is one of the best things you can do to lose weight.

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