Walking Vs Jogging – Which One is Better?


Sometimes people are totally confused while they are trying to decide which exercise is better for them to lose weight or stay fit and healthy between walking and jogging. In fact, if you just want to lose weight, none of them might be great for you but if you use them with different combinations, there are great chances that they will get much better results. To maximize your fat loss performance, you need to know some basic rules of these cardiovascular exercises. With jogging you can burn a large number of calories but the major problem that occurs in jogging is that your body keeps burning calories while you are jogging and when you stop, the burning process stops too. On contrary, walking produces long term results but surely you cannot lose weight quickly with walking. You might need to read more explanations to clearly understand the Walking vs jogging for weight loss.

Walking With Variations

If you make little variation in your way of walking, you can get much better results such as if you adopt a 10-15 degrees inclined position, you can get brilliant fat burning rapidly. This happens due to the deficit of oxygen and the body has to use fat stored in the body as energy. If you spend 20 minutes every day for walking on inclined hill or treadmill, you can convert this simple exercise into a great fat loss exercise. When you give a try to incline walking vs jogging, you will be surprised to learn that how effective a simple exercise can be for your weight loss mission.

You can make another variation in your way of walking by exercising deep breath intake. If you are walking, remember to take a deep breath after every one minute. This will result in huge usage of oxygen. You will perform this breathing technique in 3 three simple steps by inhaling, holding and exhaling. You need to spend just 5 seconds on each step. In this way, you can burn about thirty percent extra amount of calorie. This is another great example of walking vs jogging to lose weight.

Walking vs Jogging Calories

When it is about walking vs jogging calories, you should know that either you are jogging or walking for about a mile, it will burn almost the equal amount of calories. However, jogging helps you put more pressure on your muscles if compared to the walking which is a slow process. Jogging helps building various muscle groups faster and built muscles are quite effective in burning huge amount of calories. Moreover, if you include jogging in your regular workouts, you can have stronger and healthy heart. Normally, the beginners like to walk rather than jog and this is because they don’t have to spend lots of energy but gradually they move to jogging as it helps them pump the flow of blood in the body.

Power Walking vs Jogging

The only difference between power walking and jogging is intensity as both requires different levels of speed. If you have one of your feet on treadmill while you are walking at brisk pace, you will see power walking occurring. You can also put weight to enhance the pressure on your muscles. Power walking is actually a great way to increase heart rate and help you get heavy breathing without paining. If you want to use the intense power walking, you should walk up hills in hot summer days to get higher rate of heart.

However, it is obvious that Jogging can help you burn more calories if compared to the power walking as it causes a raise in heart rate. For instance, if your weigh is one sixty pounds or more and you are doing power walking at 3.5 mph, you can simply burn about 300 calories ph but if you are jogging and reach 5 mph, you can burn about 600 calories ph. However, if you are walking, you can also use dumbbells which will increase the usual amount of calories burning.

When it is about jogging vs walking, it should be cleared that Jogging is considered to be a high impact workout as you have to take both of your feet off the surface simultaneously and the weight of your entire body comes to the surface at the same time. Another important thing to remember is that jogging speeds also depends on the height of the person who is jogging.

If you prefer to perform a power walking exercise for the health of your heart, you should walk at least 150-170 minutes every week which is suggested by most of the fitness experts. On contrary, if you like to jog, you should spend about 70-80 minutes per week. To understand the intensity of your exercise, you had better look at the heart rate instead of observing the speed of your moving legs.


There is no need to choose between jogging or walking to make your workout best of all to fulfill the requirement of your fitness regimen. If you think you have got good condition of cardio for jogging, it does not mean that you can do high impact workout and this is because most probably you cannot do just jogging thought your workout session. But if this is not the case with or you are not habitual or trained to perform long and tiring jogging sessions, you better spend some more time on power walking.

The term walking versus jogging cannot be really easy to explain and in this case you can also think to perform a combination of both of the exercises. There is no need to think about brisk walking vs jogging but add jogging for 1-minute with your power walks of 5 minutes to enhance the cardio effectiveness in burning the maximum amount of calories.

Final Words

You must be quite clear now about the fast walking vs jogging and you can use both of these exercises for getting much better results.

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