Transgenic Foods & The First Americans


About 10,000 years ago in what is now Mexico, the routine work was well defined; the men hunted and women gathered wild grains and fruits. One day, one of the women noticed that where kitchen waste thrown away, each time was more of the same bushes grew with the same edible grains and that sparked an idea as ‘what would happen if there fell some grains?’ She decided to do a test. Without telling anyone, she saved some grains and threw in a different area, near her home where it was passed by almost no one. She waited a few days, but nothing happened, still she was not discouraged and tried again, but this time she used grains before cooking and to her surprise and joy, she soon discovered that where grains were released, some seedlings were born.

Soon she was bringing more grains as not only to her usual route, but had her private garden. Her family began to eat more than others and got stronger. When her ‘invention’ became increasingly public and families participated in process, more details were discovered. The most appropriate dates for planting, the fields gave higher yields and the best time for collection. In fact, she had invented the agriculture.

The progress was immense. With that tool, they could have permanent settlements as there was to travel long distances in search of food, then just sow the seeds and that gave rise to the first cities.

And even more, some curious must have observed that larger animals have larger calves and came to do the same with beads. Instead of keeping any grain to plant, decided to take the biggest and the most beautiful. And so the new crop had greater number of these large grains, and the cycle is repeated year after year.

The initial shrub called Teosinte had a minimum cob with a few grains. The process of planting the best beans led, after years, to a new plant, one that is cultivated worldwide and called corn. The first floor artificially evolved by man in America. What natural selection brought millions of years, the man had accomplished in a few hundred.

The same thing happened with corn in America and in the Middle East with wheat, oats and barley and rice in the Far East. In none of these cases was a natural evolution, it was a man-directed evolution.

But this little dramatization of the story of corn has been otherwise discourse. Once that first woman discovered that the plant Teosinte, the other families might have thought that was having witchcraft and burned at the stake or though that eating those grains would be harmful to their children and razed the small orchard and prohibited planting again. Today, we would be free of these works of the devil and would still spend the whole day touring the countryside to pick up a few grains living in a nomadic and certainly.

We now have the technology to do the same as these predecessors, but faster and with better accuracy. For example, hundreds of thousands of children in the Philippines become blind due to vitamin A, so a non-profit institution, developed transgenic rice that produces enough vitamin A to prevent this tragedy, golden rice for their yellow. A few days ago the bearers of truth burned the golden rice crop saying that it is a threat to humanity and we do not know what damage it can do to our children.

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