Top 7 Food For Fast Muscle Recovery (#4 Will Make You Cook!)


As bodybuilders, we usually encounter a lot of problems as we push through with our daily workout routine schedules. One of the most usual things that we encounter is muscle fatigue. Now, if you are experiencing muscle fatigue, how do you deal with it? Muscle fatigue can hinder us from performing our daily routines, so we need to keep our muscles safe and healthy.

By taking note of the top foods for fast muscle recovery, you can get yourself away from any occurrence of muscle fatigue. Remember that as bodybuilders, it is paramount to make sure that we can always recover from any illness and tiredness because that makes us healthy, further bringing us steps nearer to the perfect physique.

We need to recover from muscle fatigue and tiredness to constitute a healthy bodybuilder. With that, here are seven of the infinite top food for fast muscle recovery to help you have a healthy and working body muscles.

1. Protein Bars and Smoothies

Protein is the ultimate food for our muscles. To keep our muscles tuned up and ready for your next scheduled grind, then you must properly feed them. Protein bars and protein smoothies are the easiest protein food to prepare.

Aside from protein bars and protein smoothies, other food that is also high in protein are tofu, greek yogurt, pumpkin seeds, almonds, black beans, green peas, eggs, cottage cheese, milk, yellowfin tuna, sardines, octopus, corned beef, and pepperoni.

2. Salmon

Salmon is rich in amino acids and full of essential fatty acids that are why it is paramount in keeping our muscles healthy. If you are not fond of eating it raw, there are several salmon recipes that you can try in your kitchen. Some bodybuilders prepare ginger grilled salmon, salmon salad, salmon with tomatoes, salmon burgers and sandwiches, and teriyaki salmon.

3. Eggs

Just the same with the first item, eggs, especially the white part of it, contains lots of protein compounds. Since we need to take massive amounts of protein to feed our muscles, getting an egg and frying it without the yolk could be one of the easiest to prepare food for fast muscle recovery.

4. Lean Meat

Lean meat is one of the protein rich food that we can put culinary tricks on. We can cook it in any way we want it, but we need to make sure that the other ingredients to be used are muscle and bodybuilder friendly. By eating the right amount of lean meat, our biceps, and other muscles have the tendency to grow more naturally in a short period. Also, since it works directly with our muscles, then this could also offer help in fast muscle recovery.

5. Blueberries

Fruits can offer a lot of health benefits even for bodybuilders and so blueberries do have the right to be included in this list. With good antioxidant properties and the ability to maintain low sugar levels, blueberries can help us improve our cardio system. The antioxidants that berries contain are known to help reduce inflammation and minimize the likeliness of stiffness, and so this is best for fast muscle recovery.

Bodybuilders are addicted to blueberries because it can improve our cardio system. Most of the time, blueberries are partnered with exercises like biking at home to further boost our system.

6. Milk

Of course, we can always drink our calories! Milk is one of the drinks that are rich in protein and calcium elements. With its composition, it is comprehensible that milk can save both our muscles and bones further constituting a well-toned body. Negating the hoax that milk should not be considered part of the diet of bodybuilders, milk is composed of Calcium, Lactoferrin, Vitamin D and Protein that can help us recover the stress and fatigue that our muscles have!

In case you are a lactose intolerant type of bodybuilder, some of the alternatives are drinks made of soybeans or soya. Almond milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, oat milk and rice milk are the most considered alternative to lactose milk.

7. Water

Water is essential, regardless if you are a bodybuilder or not. We use it in drinking the multivitamins, and we use it too in preparing meals before we grind.

Particularly for bodybuilders, drinking enough water per day will clean our body through promoting proper regulation of liquid, and water can also help us lose weight. It keeps us hydrated even though we sweat a lot while performing in the gym or our indoor workout areas. Also, by drinking water, we can replenish all the lost energy and nutritional elements, further helping our body and muscles recover.


We have changed our lifestyle into a healthier one because we keep ourselves focused on achieving our goals—bigger and bolder muscles, and healthy body. In both goals, we need to make sure that our muscles grow healthy. We always need to put pressure on how we can keep ourselves out from the possible occurrences of fatigue because fatigue will hinder us from reaching our ultimate goals.

Therefore, by taking care of our muscles, we help our body achieve our goals as bodybuilders. In checking if our diet contributes to muscle growth, make sure to include the top food for fast muscle recovery. Surely after altering your diet, you are now ready to step up from being a newbie bodybuilder!

Do you have any other idea in mind on how to help your muscles recover? Share them by posting a comment below! Share this also with your friends to make them aware of the top seven food for fast muscle recovery!

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