Top 4 Juicing Recipes To Lose Weight


Weight gain has become a giant of heath problem and a large number of people have been suffering from this problem all around the world. Most of them compromise over the fat they have already gained while some try to get rid of it with exercises, harsh diets and expensive fat loss programs but in most of the cases, no satisfactory results are achieved. However, it is the nature of humans that they never give up and therefore, experts and scientists have been discovering new ways to lose weight and the journey of discovery led to the weight loss juicing recipes which were noticed few years back.

Juicing Recipe 1 – Oranges

One of the most effective juicing recipes to enhance energy level to its peak is the use of oranges. Don’t be surprised if I say you don’t need to eat anything rather than a glass of orange juices. Well yes, you can still stay active throughout the day even if you don’t eat anything else. This will help you lose weight. When you get ready to try this recipe

  • Take a large sized orange (skinless)
  • Take a moderate size grapefruit (skinless)
  • Take handful of strawberries
  • Include banana (half piece)
  • Include protein powder with no flavor (2 tbs)
  • You can also use ice cubes if you want it chilled.
  • Mix all of the above mentioned ingredients into juicer machine
  • Turn on the machine to mash, mix and juice

Juicing Recipe 2 – Beets & Treats

The beets are considered to be great in cleansing liver and a healthy liver can help metabolizing the thick layers of fat stored in your body. The use of beets juicing recipes is not just effective in losing fat but there are lots of others benefits of this simple recipe. Beets heal toxicity in liver and provide relief in hepatitis, jaundice, diarrhea, food poisoning and vomiting. They are also rich in carbohydrates which enable to provide instant amount of energy source. If you have known the benefits of beets, now you need to arrange the ingredients to be used in your delicious juicing recipe.

  • Take beet root approximately 160grams.
  • Take red cabbage at least two leaves or 40g
  • Take three medium sized carrots of at least 180g
  • Include pineapple 250g
  • Include lemon and orange 40g and 130g
  • Take handful of spinach.
  • Mix all of the above mentioned ingredients into juicer machine
  • Turn on the machine to shake and then serve.

Juicing Recipe 3 – Fresh Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables both have lots of advantages when they are consumed alone or together, they are equally beneficial. However, you can also use vegetables to prepare your juicing recipes for weight loss.

  • When you prepare this recipe, the main source of weight loss would be vegetables such as broccoli.
  • You can add include fruits along with veggies to make your juice more sweetened and tasty.
  • Avoid putting lots of fruits as they contains sugars which should be avoided
  • Take Broccoli in its raw form without cooking.
  • Include some amount of beets in raw form.
  • You can prepare as many glasses as you want.
  • Drinking one glass before meal will greatly decrease your appetite.
  • Drink at least 3-4 glasses every day to get good results.

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