8 Highly Effective Running Stairs Techniques


Running stairs is one of the quickly and highly effective exercises and here we present 8 techniques for running stairs.

  1. Running is good yet can cause injuries. Therefore, you should be very careful while running.
  2. When you run the stairs, don’t just move your body in an imbalanced condition but have a balance of entire body and use both of your arms to help you move your entire body.
  3. You need to utilize all your muscles especially those in quadriceps.
  4. Begin with slow pace and don’t get hurried. Begin with first step of stairs, go slowly and gradually increase the speed of your move as soon as you get used to running easily.
  5. When you feel you have started getting a good shape and losing weight you should take higher the level of difficulty which means you should run as many flights as you can.
  6. Now when it is about running stairs for weight loss, you can also use stadium stairs for this purpose or the stairs of you old school which will surely be more attractive for you or any other building with optimal height of steps. There is no particular measurement for the stairs but normally you can use the optimal height which takes 6-10 to climb up.
  7. When you begin you might warm up your body but it may not be very necessary. You can use various sets of running such as alternating forward sprints in which you can simply place your left feet on first step and then right feet on the second. You can make a little variation by putting your right feet on the third step rather than the second. You can also use crossover running pattern.
  8. You can also do jogging for one or two miles before you begin your main running stairs workout.

Are you still thinking ‘Is running up stairs good exercise or not?’ Well, there should not be any more doubts about this great cardio exercise. You can see all the patterns seem quite simple yet so effective. However, if you want quicker results, you can increase the level of difficulty in your workout to burn calories even faster. Do give a try to this exercise for a few days to clearly understand its huge benefits.

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