Introduction to Rusty Moore


Rusty Moore is one of the most popular fitness trainers and he has gained so much popularity within the last few years because of his fitness blogs and programs. He has been serving as a fitness consultant for many years and his expert advices have been proven very effective for those who wish to transform their body into lean and sexy physique. Rusty Moore is equally popular among men and women as he has designed separate fitness programs for each of them.

Rusty Moore’s Goal

His major goal is to provide the people with the awareness about the proper ways to get lean and sexy muscles. A large number of people want to change their soft or flat body figures but they are unable to achieve their target because of not knowing the way to reach their destination. This is where Rusty comes to help them out with his experts advice.

Fitness Blog

He launched a fitness blog in 2007 namely Fitness Black Book which gained overwhelming response from the readers because of Rusty’s unique and effective techniques to get slim and muscular look. His techniques were the results of 20 years hard work and practice.

Major Achievements

Rusty Moore has done a great work for benefiting each individual. His famous blog “Fitness Black Book” has been a great source of fitness tips for thousands of net users. He has also launched a free video course and 6 pack abs blueprint. Visual Impact Muscle Building, a premium fitness course for men and Visual Impact for Women for women have defeated all the other fitness programs available online. Now he has achieved another mileage by launching Visual Impact Cardio which is a premium fat loss course.

A Trusted Name

Rusty Moore is someone who has been trusted by thousands of people all around the world in a number of countries. Both men and women are completely satisfied with the performance and effectiveness of Rusty’s fitness programs and some of them have expressed their views on his website.

Qualification, Experience and Research

Rusty Moore graduated in psychology from the University of Washington. He has spent nearly 20 years of his life in research so that he could provide the people with best of fitness tips and advices. 20 years seems to be a little amount of time but if you have ever spent a few weeks or months in achieving some of your goals, you can easily understand how much passion, dedication and patience you might need just to achieve one target.

About Author

is a fitness enthusiast who likes to read & write about fitness issues. She is a certified personal trainer from American College of Sports & Medicine & has helped lots of people in achieving their fitness goals. She has more than 10 years of exercise experience & regularly writes in many fitness magazines about fitness, weight loss and how to stay fit.