Running Stairs – Simple Workout For Quick Weight Loss


Running stairs is a difficult exercise and most of the people don’t find the courage to do this, especially women who are quite afraid of running up stairs. Whenever you feel fear of running, you should think about your childhood when you were just a little girl or a body with no fear of falling off stairs. You just wanted to go up and down as that was a game, which was full of fun for you. Now when you have a dire need to repeat the same exercise for shedding the pounds of fats you have put on, you can’t get the way out of it. You can do it again and you can enjoy it even more than you used to do in your childhood as you have to do it with a particular aim.

If you are the one who wants a complete workout plan for reshaping the entire body to get a lean, slim and most importantly sexiest look, you can find nothing better than running up stairs workout which is a perfect solution for all of your fitness problems. You must have even seen men and women with toned body muscles that attract the other people, but most of the attractive people are involved in some kind of exercise program or sports such as volleyball, basketball or soccer. No matter what they do to improve their skills in their particular game, but what is most common in most of them is running stairs for exercise. Running on stairs is surely not an easy task but with proper plan you can do it.

As soon as you get used to running, you will find it even easier. The benefits of stair running are not limited to the fat loss or burning calories, but you actually get overall health benefits. Running stairs is without any doubt is an effective cardio exercise which will also burn your muscles. This simple cardio is the part of many martial arts and weight lifting programs. The number of running stairs calories burned depends upon the weight, fitness and speed of the runner and stairs steepness and the duration of the session. Studies show that a man with 130 Ib can burn about 900 calories and this number can also be achieved by racing or cycling.

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