Running Up and Down Stairs


Many people would be surprised to learn that running up and down stairs is actually an effective cardio exercise. This will help you increase the heart rate which will result into large number of calories burning. The other benefit is that you can also use it to tone body muscles in lower region.

Fitness experts believe that this fun type exercise can make you lose about a thousand calories just in an hour. Running up and down the stairs seems be a fun but it really takes lots of energy and strength and surely this is not for weaker but it is actually for those who have put on lots of excessive body weight and now just want to get rid of it.

Choose a Place for Running

  • You might be wondering what could be the best place for running because if you don’t have many stairs at your house, you cannot manage to do this. Therefore, you need to look for a place where you can find the easiness to perform it more effectively to get unlimited benefits. Look for some places such as the sports stadium or your college.
  • If you can manage to get the permission, this is good but before getting the permission, check out the stairs type as they should be having long flights. The long flights will enable you to take long run instead of taking short turns.

Running on Flat Surface

  • Before you begin running down stairs exercise, you must make up your mind that it will be quite a difficult task for you and you might get tired of it very soon. Your heart beats will go higher and how to manage this, would be a challenge.
  • In the beginning, you should run on a flat surface such as the stadium ground, this will be much easier task than running up and down the stairs but it will give you an idea on how to maintain your position and control your breathe while running stairs.
  • The expert trainers suggest that in the beginning, one should have shorter spells and once you find it easier to control your movements, gradually increase running time.
  • If the stairs have 10-12 flights, take 10 rounds but avoid more than this. However, if you believe your body is stronger and ready to give the timely response to this cardio, go ahead.

Running on a Treadmill

Running on a treadmill and running on stairs are two different exercises and both have their own benefits. A machine gives you easiness and you can use everything according to your requirement but running in an open environment on real stairs will demand you much more. However, if you keep in mind the above mentioned tips, you can get better results.

Increase Resistance

The suggested period for running is twenty minutes and it should be enough for stadium stairs which you can do on alternative days. It is also important to keep the record of your progress and remember how many steps you can take in a minute to enhance the amount of resistance, you can wear a weighted vest or put a ball in your hands or even wearing extra clothes will increase resistance.

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