Running in Place Exercise – A Good Cardio Workout


A good cardio workout is the one that can actually help you increase breathing and heart rate and make you sweat. Running in place exercise actually fulfill all the requirement of a good cardio and you don’t have to worry about the exercise equipments which are not just expensive but also requires lots of hard work. The only problem with this is that you should begin running only if you have good body shape and fitness. In case you are unable to decide your health condition, you can consult your doctor before commencing this workout.

Benefits of Exercise Running in Place

For some running in place might seem to be a little difficult because it is different from the normal running pattern in the sense that you have to run in a particular place rather than running on a treadmill, outside or along the roadside. There are several benefits of running in place such as:

  • It can really help you burn an ample amount of calories and someone with a weight of 150 Ib can easily burn more or less 500 calories per hour.
  • You can tighten and tone the muscles of your body especially of the legs such as your glutes, hamstrings, calves and quadriceps as well.
  • It will greatly increase your heart rate which is quite necessary for improving your overall health.
  • This technique is affordable for everyone as it does not require expensive machines but you just need a pair of shoes which can help you run faster on a padded surface of flooring.

Exercise Technique

While you are running in place, make sure that your head facing forward which will help in controlling the strain in your neck area and your arms should be swinging. You can also make little variations in your basic pattern such as lifting knees to the possible height and speeding your running pace. If you are a beginner, begin your exercise with low pace and gradually increase the duration of your workout. In the beginning, you can have a 10 minutes session but if you feel comfortable you can take it to the 30 minutes per day and 3-4 times a week. When you feel you are physically fitter than before, you can exercise for about an hour. Is running in place good exercise? Surely, it is and you must have understood how useful this simple workout is.


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