Run for Your Happiness


Sometimes, running away from the miseries of life is the only option to seek your happiness. However, I just want to remove ‘away’ from this advice and would suggest you to just ‘run’ for your happiness. Yes, that is true indeed. If you start running regularly, it will bring a positive change in you that will lead to happiness. However, you have to keep few things in mind that will enhance the positivity that you receive from running.

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Leave Gadgets at Home

Running is a time for you to seek happiness that is missing in your life. Try to be away from everything that is a common part of your life for an hour during the running session. Most importantly, never take your mobile phone with you. You need a disconnection from your worries for a while every day and this is what you’re actually going out for running. Leave watches, gadgets to count footsteps, headphones, etc. to stay away from artificial sources of happiness. Seek happiness in nature, in the chirping of birds, in the smell of the grass, in the beauty of flowers, and the list goes on and on. Try to develop a connection with nature and try to indulge your focus towards the natural things. While running, look around at the greenery, as it will help you to refresh yourself from the monotonous routine of everyday life. 

Stop Setting Targets

Don’t run to get fitness targets but rather take it as a source of having happiness. Don’t count how much you have run and just listen to your body. Also, stop being worried about your weight and burnt calories during a running session because this is not your primary reason to come out for running. If your body is comfortable with the number of meters you’re running, it’s absolutely fine. However, stop when you think you’re tired and can’t continue running anymore. Just focus on collecting the fresh and positive vibes that come to you when you start running. Try to do everything that brings a positive impact on your running routine such as wearing comfortable workout clothes.

Try New Places to Run

In order to make most out of your running routine, you prefer to try new places to run. You will see that going out for running in the same place over and over again will take away the fun and excitement part. You can go to different parks for newer experiences. However, if it’s convenient for you then running on the beach is another great idea that can actually give a boost to your current happiness level. For adding icing to the cake, wear relaxing workout clothes that are best in style and comfort.

Have A Friend

Another great way of having more happiness through your running routine is to have a friend with you. Needless to say, friends make everything so enduring and running is not an exception. The social connection is also a great reason for boosting your happiness. So, mixing your running routine with socialization gets you more happiness for sure. It’s even a better option if you make new friends where you regularly go running. It is evident from the studies that people with the same interests are most likely to be better friends. 

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Undoubtedly, running creates a significant positive impact in your life and soon you will see that your happiness has gone a one-note higher than ever before. The endorphins that are increased during the activity will help you to reduce your stress level as well. Running is a great source of meditations as well if it is done outdoor. So, start running from today to get all the happiness you deserve.

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