Privacy Policy

We have always been thankful to our valued visitors who simply visit our website in search of weight loss information; therefore, we always give first priority to provide the maximum protection to the privacy of our visitors.

First Privacy Rule

We have made a few rules and the first rule is to let our visitors and customers get the most from us and this is the rule we have been strictly following since the launch of Fat Loss Portal.

Our Useful Services to the Clients & Casual Visitors

We have tried our best to bring and share the most relevant and useful information on this website which sometime requires us to know who we are working for. The “Know Your Client Better” policy demands us to request the clients as well as the visitors to provide us some of their personal information which enable us to understand their needs in a much better way.

No Secret Policies

We policies are absolutely visible for everyone who visits this website and there are no secret or hidden polices which may harm the interest of our valued visitors. Hence, we give special emphases on reading the privacy policy before using our site and services.

Collection of Users’ Personal Information

While you are using our website and associated pages and services, you might be requested to provide us a bit of your personal data to understand your requirement correctly and this enables us to service you in a better way. However, you will not be required to provide any such information which may put your privacy or the safety of your perianal information, identity or your accounts into risks.

Why We Need to Collect Your Info?

As far as the collection of personal data is concerned, it always worries the users and they wonder why someone else needs to collect your personal info. Well, there are some certain reasons which demand us to do this action. The reasons are mentioned below:

  • We need to know users choices.
  • We need to know users demands.
  • We need to know users requirements.
  • We need to know users likes and dislikes.

All of the above reasons enable us to serve the users in a much better way. There are various others reasons for which we need to have a bit of personal information.

  • Identify each user separately
  • Give protection and security to the users privacy
  • Maintain users accounts
  • Intimate users about latest updaters about the products and services
  • Forward weekly newsletters
  • Conduct surveys
  • Conduct researches

Cookie Files

While you are visiting this website, you might be requested to allow us to install a cookie file into your system hard drive. This file will enable us to identity the visits of each individual separately.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, you can contact us via our contact us form.