Nutrients That Help Prevent Nerve Pain


Nerve pain is one of the worst kinds of pains there is. This is because of the fact that nerves are the very parts of the body that detect all sensations, including pain of course, so when pain hits here it hits hardest. If you are suffering from nerve pain, you should look, but it is also important to remember that preventing nerve pain from happening in the first place is far better than treating it after the fact.

One of the best ways to prevent nerve pain is to make sure you get the right kind of nutrition. Here are some foods that provide the perfect nutrition for preventing nerve pain:

Dark Chocolate

Mind you, the chocolate consumes need to be dark because this type of chocolate has flavonols and anti oxidants, both of which are perfect for preventing the inflammation that leads to nerve pain. Sugar tends to have the opposite effect, so if you go for chocolate that has lots of sugar in it you are probably going to end up exacerbating your symptoms rather than making them easier for you to bare. Dark chocolate also makes for a great low calorie snack, so it works if you are thinking of trying to lose some weight!


One thing you need to understand about your nerves is the fact that they are protected by sheets composed primarily of fatty acids. Fish is probably the best source of this fatty acid, and the best thing is that it provides healthy fats rather than unhealthy ones. It is important to take care of your overall health as opposed to just trying to fix the state of your nerves, and using fish as your main source of protein can help you do this.


Changes in the levels of neurotransmitter that you have can also make it difficult for your nerves to function properly, often resulting in severe nerve pain. Broccoli contains nutrients such as glucosinolates which help prevent your neurotransmitters from depleting or becoming overly abundant. It doesn’t hurt that broccoli is an incredibly healthful vegetable as well, providing micronutrients such as iron as well as a number of other healthy trace elements that your body needs, thus making it easier for you to live a long and healthy life overall.


Fish is not the only source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are the healthiest fats that you could possibly consume. Almonds also have these fats in abundance, and the great thing is that you are able to improve your cognitive functions along with the state of your nervous system overall. Regularly consuming almonds is known to help improve your memory, as well as fixing a variety of other cognitive issues, so this is also a great way to prevent mental problems from occurring later on in life. Much like dark chocolate, dark almonds make for a great snack although they are not quite as low calorie.

Pumpkin Seeds

Free radicals are one of the most dangerous things for your nerves, and pumpkin seeds are perfect for preventing them from forming and doing their damage. This is because of the fact that pumpkin seeds contain a lot of magnesium, iron, zinc as well as copper, all of which are necessary for your body’s constant fight against free radicals. These micronutrients are also essential if you want to be able to improve your general immune system which, of course, will help you stay fitter and stronger for the rest of your life.


People often forget just how important water is for your general health. As far as your nerves go, water helps your neurotransmitters function at maximum capacity, thus making it a lot easier for your nerves to deal with any minor damage that might occur over the course of your day to day life. It is important that you drink a couple of liters of water a day, and you should increase your intake if you engage in physical labor that makes you sweat a lot. Try to gauge how you feel and drink water accordingly.

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