What Is Metabolism And How To Increase It In A Natural Way?


You must have heard a lot of people commenting on their metabolism rate, as some say they have quite slow metabolism while others say it is quite fast. These are two different conditions, which people experience and their body structure and activity level depends greatly on metabolism. For most of the people metabolism directly links to the fitness and physical well being. People want to know what is metabolism actually and how it affects the overall weight.

In a broader sense metabolism can be referred to as the physical well being and different chemical processes, which are involved in it. These chemical processes are very important for our daily activities and serve as the main source of energy. Metabolism involves brain functioning, muscle exercise, digestion of food and breathing. So we can say that metabolism rate determines weight gain and loss and it can be different, varying from one person to another.

Metabolism Basic Factors

Metabolism rate depends on different factors, which can affect other processes of your body too.

  • Your age matters a lot. Teenagers have the fastest metabolism, which continues to slow down with the passage of time. It is has been estimated through medical research and the statistics that it continues to decrease by five percent after every ten years.
  • Gender also matters. Men and women have different rates of metabolism. Men have a higher rate of metabolism, which means they can burn calories easily. On the other hand, this fact requires men to consumer more calories than women do normally on the daily basis.
  • Lean body mass also determines your metabolism. It has been estimated that those people who have more muscles, that is, lean muscle mass will find it easier to burn calories. The main reason behind this fact is that it indicates that a person is exercising a healthy lifestyle.
  • Genetics also play their role. There are many people who can easily burn calories, while others might take some time to burn them. Those who are facing thyroid problems will find it difficult to boost their metabolism.

Here we have discussed the different types of metabolism factors, which determine the rate of progress in human body. There are many ways to speed up metabolism and spend an active lifestyle. It helps men and women both in living a long life without facing any significant diseases and illnesses. When the immune system becomes relatively strong it enhances the overall capability of the body to defend against various internal and external factors.

Boosting Your Metabolism

Many people want to know how to increase metabolism naturally? Now we are going to discuss various factors, which will help in increasing the overall metabolism without facing any side effects.

Metabolism can be boosted with the help of natural spices and herbs as well.

  • Garlic can be regarded as the most versatile and valuable food, when it comes to metabolism boosting techniques. If taken on regular intervals garlic can certainly do wonders.
  • Ginger helps in stimulating tissues, which use more energy and help in burning calories easily. There are various other healthy benefits of consuming ginger.
  • Cinnamon is one of the best herbal metabolism boosters and also serves as a great source of calcium and fiber.
  • Ginseng is good for the overall strength of your body. You can increase endurance, energy and boost your metabolism with the help of it.

You can increase metabolic rate with the help of few simple steps also, which certainly do not require a lot of effort.

  • You need to consume a good amount of water on daily basis. It is important for the functioning of various body parts and also helps in losing weight. You need to stay clear here, it is about consuming water only not other carbonated drinks which might have adverse effects on your body.
  • Try to sleep for more than six hours daily. Allow your body to recover properly by allowing it a time period of eight hours at least of sleep.
  • Start exercising on daily basis. It does not mean that you need to start exercising at the gym for hours. Do light cardio exercise daily for fifteen or twenty minutes.
  • After you get up drink one or two glasses of water and then after some time have your breakfast. It is one of the natural metabolism boosters, which will keep your body active for the rest of the day.
  • Consume food in even portions and at regular intervals throughout the day. Avoid consuming healthy meals as the end of day or before sleeping.

There are various vegetables and fruits that speed metabolism and also help in providing energy and losing weight.

  • Broccoli has been termed as the healthiest of all vegetables. It has a lot of positive characteristics and you can include it in your daily meals.
  • Apples are rich in fiber and also contain all other important mineral and vitamins.
  • Oatmeal helps in reducing cholesterol and serves a major source of fiber for your body.
  • If you are looking for the best form of fat then you need to pick olives and start consuming them on daily basis.
  • Grapefruit is great for those people who want to lower the blood insulin level. It is also a good source of primary energy for your body.

Now we have discussed a few fruits and vegetables that boost your metabolism and can affect your health in a positive manner.

What you need to take care of and what you must expect?

For most of the people, it is difficult to follow and special diet plan and manage to disturb their metabolism level. This can have a deep impact on the overall health of the person. To avoid any of the complex situations one must study all of the factors, which have some sort of link with the metabolism levels. It will help a lot in understating how to and what to eat.

If you are looking forward towards a healthy body and want to lose weight then you need to follow the above stated discussions. Having sound sleep, consuming healthy and small meals and an adequate amount of water will do the job for you. Now you also know all those food types, which will help in boosting the rate of metabolism. If you do not follow the tips accordingly you will not be able to gain or lose weight.

If you walk carefully you will not need the help of expensive metabolism boosters, which might have some side effects too. All you need to do is follow the best routine and manage your body in the best possible manner for a fair metabolic rate.

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