Meditation for Weight Loss: How to Breathe Deeply and Shed Your Body Fat


Obesity is one of the growing conditions not only in the United States but also in different countries around the world. This is a threat for public health and it is something serious. It is something that can be associated with different conditions such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Aside from putting some control on diet, physical activities can help lessen the risk of developing obesity. Meditation is one of the most effective activities that you can consider for weight loss. 

What is the link and connection between meditation and weight loss?

Meditation is an activity that aims to provide clear mind and calm emotions. According to meditation experts, practicing this for few minutes a day will help you achieve clarity. There are different ways on how we can explain the connection between meditation and weight loss. First, it is arguable that the mind is connected to our behavior. With this, altering the mind and the way we think can lead to the conscious and unconscious changes in eating habits. People who have unhealthy behaviors that lead to weight-gain can consider meditation in lessening and eventually eliminating these behaviors. And finally, meditation can be helpful in lessening stress hormones. With this, stress eating can also be dealt with. 

How can meditation help when diet and exercise don’t seem to be working?

There are a lot of cases when people realize that they have been exercising and adjusting their diet but still cannot lose weight. Before you exercise and fix your diet, you should first have to address the root cause of the problem. In some instances, obesity can be caused by stress. During a stressful day, you are also releasing hormones that can store extra fat. This is why even with all your efforts, you cannot lose weight. This is where meditation comes in. it can help you deal with the stress and break the pattern that you’re stuck in. 

How to ensure meditation works for you provided some ways on how meditation can work for everyone. Here are the different tips you can consider: 

  • Choose the right practice

There are different ways on how you can meditate. You can add other activities such as yoga and breathing exercise. Choose the one that will help you relax and achieve the goal. Being able to choose the practice that will work for you is the first step in ensuring that meditation is effective for your weight loss journey. 

  • Use mantra that helps you lose weight

A mantra is a phrase or the words that you can consider telling yourself to motivate you to meditate. Having a mantra will help you refocus on the goal. This is important for people who are sometimes not getting the right amount of motivation to continue with what they have started. With a mantra, you will be able to remind yourself with what should be done to finally get that healthy body. 

  • Follow your breath to reduce stress

Breathing exercises are perfect in relieving stress. This is something that you can practice even when you are in the middle of other activities. One way to meditate and really get good results is to do this. Just focus on your breathing and lengthen your inhale and exhale. By doing so, you are helping your body adjust and cool down especially in stressful situations. 

  • Try guided meditation for weight loss

There are people who are not comfortable doing things on their own. If you are not confident in doing meditation, you do not have to worry. There are a lot of recordings that you will find online. You can just follow the programs provided by experts in meditation. This is something that will not only help you achieve the goal but will also save the unnecessary adjustments needed if you are not confident with what you are doing. 

How does meditation help to lose weight?

Here are the most important ways on how meditation can help you lose weight: 

  • Moderate temptation for unhealthy food

Meditation helps you learn about self-discipling. When you meditate, you also release stress. These are very important factors that can help you moderate the temptation to eat unhealthy food. When you are free from stress, you also become conscious with the food that you are eating. 

  • Improves self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. People with issues concerning self-esteem are usually the ones who have a hard time accepting themselves. By looking at the root cause of these problems, you will be able to solve it. Meditation allows you to become aware about yourself and what should be improved. 

  • Lowers your BMR effortlessly

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is also known as the calories you need while you are at rest. According to health experts, we need to have a low BMR. This is something that can be achieved from meditation as it helps the body relax. By lowering the BMR, one can help in lessening metabolism and improve heart rate. 

  • Strengthens your commitment

One of the important ways that can help you in your weight loss journey is commitment. When you start meditating and you stick with it, you also learn the idea of commitment. This is the first step to bigger things and greater achievements. 

  • Aids in assimilation of food

Meditation helps deal with hormonal imbalances and unnecessary cravings. It can help you deal with issues on assimilation of food. 

  • Helps you make time for weight loss

Most people want to lose weight but they do not have time to work on it. When you begin to meditate, you also focus your mind on the whole weight loss program. This will then help you achieve your goal. 

Are there limitations in using meditation techniques for weight loss?

Using meditation techniques for weight loss would depend on your current situation. If you are having a hard time moving because of your weight, you need to start slow and proper. As you progress, you can now consider increasing your count.

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