Lagree vs Pilates


If you have ever been to a Lagree fitness studio or taken a class, it’s easy to tell others “I just took a Pilates class”. However, there are some significant differences that most fitness-forward individuals don’t know about. So the question is: what is the difference between Lagree vs Pilates? 

Let’s break it down!

The Equipment


Lagree Fitness is performed on a Megaformer, which is a cutting-edge, ever-evolving machine that uses spring-load tension. Sebastien Lagree invented the Megaformer.


This machine may appear similar at first glance, but it is in fact a completely different piece of equipment! Joseph Pilates invented the Reformer many years ago. While the reformer is a well-known piece of equipment, Pilates can also be done on a mat with body weight, bands, a pilates ball, or on a Reformer.

The Exercises


While you will recognize key exercises (such as squats, lunges, biceps curls, and so on), you will also notice new exercises created by Lagree, such as the Giant Wheelbarrow, Mega donkey, Catfish, Fifth Lunge, and others.


With key movements that are comparable in most Pilates classes, Pilates stays faithful to their technique.

The Intensity


You’ll notice your muscles quivering in seconds and wonder aloud to others in the room, “what did I get myself into!?” And you’re right, this is very common!


While Pilates is a very effective workout, it does not include any cardio or endurance training. Pilates is good for concentrating on a single muscle area at a time, but Lagree works on numerous muscle groups at once.

The Core Burn


Lagree is a core workout that is completely unique. The Megaformer improves core strength and endurance by focusing on stabilizing muscles that help you maintain your balance. These intrinsic core muscles, as opposed to your “superficial abs,” the rectus abdominis, help maintain a strong, healthy core. Various max tension holds, slow and controlled movements, and sets that focus on time under strain can strengthen your core stabilizing muscles.


Pilates is a low-impact workout that emphasizes stretching techniques over strength and focuses on movements that originate in the core and spine. Many Pilates core exercises are performed on your back rather than in plank positions.

The After-effect


It’s rare that a low-impact workout can produce such big results. Since Lagree focuses on working multiple muscle groups at one time, your workouts continue post-class. Engaging more muscle groups in a shorter time allows your body to burn energy for up to 24 hours after your 40-50 min class.


You’ve probably felt the burn if you’ve taken a Pilates class. Pilates spends more time focusing on specific muscle groups one at a time, so your body doesn’t use as much energy after class.

The Energy


Lagree trainers know how to give you a hard workout. We’ve been right there in your gripping socks, and we’ve been taught to bring the heat. This means we challenge you to your boundaries, support you through the tough times, and remind you that everything is possible on the Megaformer. In an LF415 class, the energy level is unrivaled.


During class, Pilates does a fantastic job of creating a more private, relaxed setting versus a more high-energy class where the music is louder and you are pushed until muscle breakdown.

The Verdict: Both of these techniques are incredible in their own ways. It’s critical to know and comprehend the differences so you can choose the workout that best suits your needs. Lagree has proven to be a popular choice for Pilates fans looking for a low-impact workout with a little more enthusiasm and intensity. Try it out and decide your preference, go get your sweat on!

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