Juicing Diet Recipes For Weight Loss – The Detox Way


Juicing diet plans have helped a lot of men and women are losing weight and getting rid of the accumulated toxins. The number of people, who are conscious about their health, is increasing day by day. To reach ideal weight it is important to follow a unique plan that will help in the long run.

Juicing diet plans basically focus on a complete liquid diet and there is no solid food included in the plan. Such type of diet plan does not go for weeks or months as it is based on a time period of maximum three or five days. Due to medical conditions this diet plan is not recommended for a longer time period. Those people who have any type of chronic problems or those women who are pregnant are not allowed to follow such type of juicing diet for weight loss.

To receive the best results it will require a lot of planning and commitment. You will need to quit junk food completely and take special care, while purchasing the fruits and vegetables for your juice diet. Organic veggies and fruits are the best as they do not contain any type of pesticide spray effects. If, you are unable to get hold of the organic fruits and vegetables then you will need to do some treatment.

To cleanse the fruit and vegetables submerge them into a bucket of filtered water that also contains 2 teaspoons of bleach. This will help in getting rid of any of the harmful effects of the sprays and other treatments. There are many people, who are unaware of these basic facts and at the end choose the bad options for their health.

A juicing detox diet can only be successful if, you know how to take fruits and vegetables according to specific proportions. Below discussed is a simple diet according to the accurate proportions.

  • For breakfast you can have coconut milk and a medium sized banana. For a good start, you can also consume a medium sized date.
  • For lunch you can have a mixture of fruits and vegetables and make a juice from them. You can include two apples, five to six leaves of kale, half cup of parsley, two stalks of celery, one carrot and a half teaspoon of ginger root.
  • For snacks you can prepare a light drink. Take two apples, one small carrot, half lemon and one teaspoon of the ginger root.

Detox juicing diet might not be suitable for everyone, as many people would not like the taste of the juices. It is important to adjust your diet plan with your water intake and counter all of the effects and understand them.

There are many benefits of diet juicing. With the help of fresh juices the internal environment of your body changes. Organs start performing in a better manner as the toxins are flushed away. This decreases the chances for our body to catch any type of disease or illness and have a healthy lifestyle. Most of the fresh juices consist of bio-photons, which carries a good number of beneficial nutrients. Most of the health conscious people are not aware of this fact. Packaged juices are not at all healthy as they contain preservatives and other chemicals that do not help our immune system.

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