Jogging Vs Running – Differences and Benefits


Jogging and running are considered to be equally effective in most of the cases. In fact, they are the same methods as they are performed to work with the same muscle groups in the same way. Now what’s the difference between jogging and running pace if they are the same exercise? In this context, the most important difference is the speed of your pace. For example, when you are jogging, you prefer to have slower pace but in case of running, you have to have faster pace. You might still be confused and to make it clearer you can say that when you are doing your first race, you are actually a jogger and when you enter into your second race, you become the runner. Here you can use another rule to make it even clearer that if you take more than 10 minutes in finishing your 1 mile, you are actually jogging but if you do it in less than 10 minutes, you are running.

Benefits of The Great Cardiovascular

Running and jogging both are considered to be great cardiovascular because of their great results in improving various muscles groups. Jogging running also help in fighting against a large number of health related problems including lungs and heart diseases and these are also effective in strengthening immune system.

Walking, Jogging and Running

Though jogging seems to be a little harder while doing if compared to the walking as you have to spend more energy and work with more muscle groups. You have to move faster, take even deeper breaths and keep your body completely balanced. If talked about running, it is the hardest among the three as it requires you to have more stamina to achieve your goal.

How to Choose the Perfect Workout for You?

All 3 exercises mentioned above might make you little confused while you are thinking to choose the right exercises for you. Your choice should depend upon your requirement and the requirement of your muscles building, weight loss or fitness programs. As far as Jogging is concerned, it is considered a great exercise which helps not just in enhancing metabolic rate but also helps in losing pounds of weight. It also helps in controlling the level of cholesterol and high blood pressure. Thought, these benefits can also be achieved by running, the only difference is that you don’t have to spend lots of energy.

The first thing that you have to decide at the first place is to set your goal or what you want to get from running versus jogging issues. If you have just started your workouts, you had better begin with walking, gradually you can go to jogging and then to running. This level will take a few months. If you are working to achieve fitness, you can use other combinations too such as running and swimming. For weight loss purposes, you should include fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and lean meats.

Running vs jogging

There are various clubs which arrange running competitions and it is really a good idea to be the part of these competitions as they provide you great opportunity to polish your skills and even if you are not interested in competition, you can go for motivation.

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