Jogging on Treadmill – Benefits, Types, Routine & Tips


Jogging on treadmill and on ground are two popular ways and both of them are considered to be very effective for losing weight. Thought, jogging on a treadmill is always a better option as it saves time and gives better results, it is a little more costly and you will have to be ready for it. Treadmill jogging will enable you to burn body weight inside your own home rather than going outside and that is way it is comparatively a preferred way for most of the people.

The Benefits of Jogging on a Treadmill

When we talk about Treadmill vs jogging, this is almost impossible to say that one of them is completely useless as both of them are important and have their benefits. However, here we will go through some of the benefits of treadmill.

  • Most of the people find it difficult to spare some time to go out and run and they prefer to do this on a treadmill.
  • Secondly, it is much easier to control treadmill jogging speed which you select yourself and this is almost impossible outside as the weather and many other factors might cause hindrance for you.
  • Sometimes, the rainy or windy weather stop you follow your schedule and the irregularity gives bad impact on your performance, improvement and results.
  • The treadmill allows you to select the best fit program such as walk/run in a forest or mountain. If you spend twenty minutes a day on a treadmill, this will be good enough for you.

What Kind of Treadmill is Ideal?

In market, you can buy different types of jogging treadmills which have been designed with exclusive features and specifications. Exercising on such machines has advantages and disadvantages as well and therefore it is recommended to buy a treadmill which fulfills your needs and requirements. Before you go and buy, read the below points:

  • It is really important to have proper understanding of features, programs, functions and routes to use the machine perfectly.
  • If you don’t know what could be the best jogging speed on treadmill for you, you might not be able to get the best and therefore, you must know about it.
  • Treadmill machines are easily available in different brands and many new brands have been recently introduced in the markets which makes it even harder for you to choose the best machine.
  • If you keep in mind, few important factors, you will not find any problem in making the right purchase. First of all, you need to choose from the electronic or manual type machine and it depends upon your strength and stamina and the will to work on it. It should be fast so you can run faster and there must not be any kind of technical errors.

Know Your Heart Rate

When you are jogging on the treadmill, you should remember to specifically target heart rate as it defines the amount of calories being burned through movement. In this regard, the first and most important thing is to know what could be your targeted heart rate and for this you must know what could be the maximum rate of your heart. Attach the necessary wires to your body and run on the machine, this will let you know the maximum level of your heart rate.

There is a simple formula which you can use to learn your maximum heart rate “subtract the age from 220”. For example, if you are thirty years old, you will subtract 30 from 220 and the heart rate you will calculate would be 190.

Follow a Proper Jogging Routine

If you want to achieve 550 calories burned on completion of your fitness routine, you should follow this routine plan which is often suggested by fitness trainers. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Have a warm up session for about ten minutes on 5.0 mph.
  • Step 2: Right after warming your body, you need to switch to a higher level which is 7.5 mph. do this for about twenty minutes. If you find it difficult to manage, switch back to the normal level.
  • Step 3: Now this is the time to jog at 5.0 mph afterwards.
  • Step 4: In the fourth step, you need to repeat the above mentioned steps 2 & 3 and keep in check your maximum and minimum heart rate levels.
  • Step 5: Now you can simply walk for about two minutes at 5.0 mph and then jog for ten minutes on treadmill at 6.5 mph.
  • Step 6: Revert back to jogging pace at 5.0 mph for 4 minutes.
  • Step 7: Now you will repeat steps 2 and 3 to get a maximum calorie burned.

Tips to Avoid Problems

  1. Before running on a treadmill you better wear shoes to avoid slipping which might cause various injuries to the muscles and the body.
  2. Once you have started running, quit having chat with the folks around you as not paying full attention can bring you down to the ground.
  3. Consumption of water during intensive jogging sessions is essential.
  4. Include healthy meals in your diet plan to avoid getting weaker.
  5. Also make sure to settle treadmill to a place where you can breathe fresh air.
  6. Some people want to lose excessive body weight too faster and goes more than their capacity but this is never suggested.
  7. The experts recommend that losing one pound or approximately 3500 calories can be easily managed but more than this may causes various health problems.
  8. You should also use a calorie calculator.
  9. It is highly recommended to follow proper dieting plans and healthy routines to stay healthy rather than getting weaker form not just outside but also inside.
  10. Having a free day is really important and you must have rest after doing workouts for six days.
  11. You must avoid overtraining but the aerobics and other type of muscles toning exercises should also be practiced.

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