Is It Possible to Use Microbes Found in Your Gut To Lose Weight?


Weight gain is a global issue and it is actual a major cause of a number of other disease and health problems. Therefore, a great number of researches and experiments have been conducted in the last few decades to find a permanently solution for this program and quest to find a solution has compelled to study every single factor that might cause weight gain or help in weight loss.

Trillions Bacteria and Microbes in Human Body

The researches have drawn the attention of the scientists and researchers towards the rule and effects of microbes found in guts of human body. First, it was believed that mice can be transform from thinner to fatter or fatter to thinner just by implanting microbes gut from other humans.

A human body has trillions different types of bacteria and large number of microbes which have always been residing in human body. The collective term used to describe those trillions microbes is called MICROBIOME. According to

“A microbiome is “the ecological community of commensal, symbiotic, and pathogenic microorganisms that literally share our body space.”

Are Microbiome Necessary for Human Body?

Though, you can live without them but the studies have shown that they are very helpful for human body as they help in processing the food breaking and cleansing out the other toxins from organs but it does not mean that all of them are good as they are many which are not healthy for body.

What Experiment Shows?

A number of researches have been done in the past which leave a number of questions to find the answer to those unanswered questions and more experiments were done. The most important question was that if it is possible to use microbial communities from those who are obsess and transmit those traits of obsess to the mice. To find the answer an experiment was done.


Four pairs of twin sisters were chosen and each pair has a lean and an obese female. Pairs of germ-free mice were also chosen and the abdominal microbiotas found in human fecal samples were moved into mice guts.

End Result

  • Mice used for the microbes from obese got fatter.
  • Mice used for the microbes from lean got thinner.
  • Both groups followed the same diets

The team then conducted few more experiments but there are a lot to be researched about it and hopefully, the scientists will be able to formulate a final solution to get rid of weight gain problem once for all.

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