Is It Possible to Lose Weight with Martial Arts?


Martial art is considered to be the most entertaining form of training which does not only train you for the best protection of your body from possible danger but it has also been proven to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Those who are overweighed have always been looking for the ways to burn excessive body weight and they have never tried this way, they must try it this time.

Martial Art is a great fun that does not let you get bored and if you are simply kicking, boxing, sparring or training, you will be sweating which will be shedding huge amount of calories. If you try this, you will yourself see how enjoyable it is and you can even do it for years without getting tired and bored like other types of workouts for fat loss.

Number of Calories You can Burn with Martial Arts

A number of studies and researches have shown the following figures for number of calories you can burn in an hour of martial arts training.

                              Weight                      Calories Burned

130 lbs                                 590
155 lbs                                  704
180 lbs                                  817
205 lbs                                 931

Some Types of Weight Loss Martial Arts

There are various types of martial arts and some of them which are known as the most effective ones for weight loss are mentioned below:

  • Taekwondo
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai/MMA
  • Krav Maga

Below you will read very informative stuff about Taekwondo, judo and karate.

Kung Fu/Taekwondo

Kung Fu may be called the most stylish form of martial art as it allows you to practice great number of styles during fighting with your opponents. The movements include kicking, flipping, jumping and a variety of general movement styles.

During Taekwondo, the main focus is given on kicks and leaping and flying kicks are thought to be awesomely great for cardio workouts.


Those who are more interested in learning about self-defense techniques should learn Judo and Hapkido as they are considered to be the excellent forms of martial arts.

Though they involve very little jumping, moving up and down techniques, they are still great. However, you can’t get lots of weight loss results from them.


Karate is one of the most popular forms of martial art which is used to give full focus on improving upper body strikes. A large number of people are interested in learning karate for getting the best self-defensive techniques.

When you practice karate, you don’t really enjoy verity of movement; however, the stances that you learn during training really help you discover the ways to defend yourself from the danger present around you.

This is basically a great workout that helps your core muscles and every time you try this, it demands you to give tension to the muscles found in your core and really provides power to them. It will not just help you get training but will also help you burn fat and get strength.

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