Is It Good to Eat before Bed?


You should never go to your bed if you have empty stomach as this will make your hunger sends signals to the brain to be ready for consuming of nutrition. If you are hungry, you will have restless and uncomfortable night which will lead you to feel extremely tired the next morning you wake up. The hungry brain will be ready to hunt for more amount of calories consumption so the body can get energy and this might also cause you to overeat.

On the other hands, if you eat heavy before you go to bed, you will be more prone to store the heavy amount of calories in your body as you will not be awaking to burn the fat. Therefore, it is never suggested to eat heavy before you go to bed as it often causes you have heartburn or indigestion.

Eat Something if You Feel Hungry

When you feel hungry, it is really important to take notes as the empty stomach will hinder in your way to fall asleep or you will wake up again and again during the night. If you are working really hard to put on lean muscles, there is a greater risk that your body will be compelled to burn the lean muscles you have put on. The fitness experts suggest that having a light snack that contains approximately 200 calories will be good enough to maintain the hunger level during the night.

Ideal Late Night Meals

Those who can’t sleep easily, the best thing they can do to relax their mind is to provide it with the right food at the right time before they go to bed. You might have heard about cuisine treatment for insomnia which his is all about choosing the right foods. When you are choosing the meal for night, make sure that it can satisfy your hunger until the morning and it should also be healthy.

1) Cottage Cheese

You can include cottage cheese in your night snack as it contains enough amount of casein protein which gets released into the body very slowly and kill the hunger. When you eat cottage cheese, it also provides your body with amino acids during the night while you are sleeping and it helps in speeding up the recovery process which in the results build lean muscles mass. If you add 1 tbs of peanut butter to your snack, it will increase the time your body take to digest the meal which will keep your hunger in control for longer period.

2) Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is considered to be really an effective sleep inducing night time snack. A combination of honey, yogurt, and a sliced banana can provide your body with tryptophan one of the 22 standard amino acids considered to be really important in human diet. Bananas also contains potassium to promote sleep and it is also a great source to get carbohydrates. Another bedtime snack is skim milk and whole wheat cereal and this one has the perfect balance of carbs and protein.

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