Is HGH is Beneficial for Weight Loss?


Growth hormone Somatotropin is one of the essential ingredients-satellites of a young growing organism. Growing is not breadth, but skyward. Thanks to him among the actively growing children and adolescents, the complete ones are much less frequent than in adults.

Already this fact makes you think: how to create HGH works for an adult to gain freedom from excess weight.Let’s see what HGH is, what is its role and benefit, how to increase its production?

What Is The Growth Hormone

The name speaks for itself. It is Human Growth Hormone.

Somatotropin helps in such processes:

  • Makes bones and muscles grow, takes a direct part in the development of internal organs;
  • Under its influence, the synthesis of the protein from which the muscles consist predominates over disintegration (the dream of bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and other sports);
  • Gives a youthful, fast metabolism ;
  • Rejuvenates the body;
  • Participates in wound healing;
  • Increases immunity ;
  • Improves the health of muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons;
  • Changes the ratio between muscle and fat in favor of the former;
  • Enhances the ability to learn.

HGH is Beneficial for Weight Loss

Growth Hormone for Weight Loss

Somatotropin slows down production and accelerates the breakdown of fat. At the same time, synthesis is activated, and the destruction of proteins is inhibited.

The dream of any model has fulfilled: weight loss, accompanied by an improvement in muscle relief.

How Does Somatotropin Promote Weight Loss?

It manages the process of assimilation of fatty acids. The more it is produced, the more active the fat is split and used by the cells.

Embedded in the membrane, it becomes that “funnel”, through which the fat leaves. Moreover, without it – anywhere.

That’s why, with an age-related decline in its synthesis, people begin to grow stout, and various tricks cannot help cardinally.

1) How To Eat Right.

In our case, it consists, first of all, in controlling the intake of carbohydrates, especially simple ones.

It is necessary to eat less or at all to exclude sweets, confectionery, nitro, refined sugar, chips and other harmful food.

In the menu, in sufficient quantities, there must be a protein with the amino acids necessary for the synthesis (meat, poultry, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, liver, cedar and walnuts, oats, peas, seeds, peanuts). Observe the right proportions of protein, carbohydrate and fat intake (1 x 4 x 1).

2) Sports Activities Should:

  • Include basic power exercises with weights and with their weight with an emphasis on large muscle groups;
  • Be intense and have a duration of 30 to 45 minutes;
  • Alternate strength training with interval running or running for short distances;
  • During exercises, the pulse should from time to time reach a maximum;
  • Do not allow stagnation, other complexes and the nature of the load.

3) Fighting Destructive Stress.

The enemy of growth hormone is the stress hormone cortisol. How to lower the level of cortisol is described in detail here.

Lack of sleep is the enemy of harmony. Rest is recommended for at least 8 hours. Somatotropin is most actively synthesized in a dream, beginning 1-2 hours after falling asleep. Then, “production bursts” are repeated every 24 hours every 4-5 hours. It is not improbable to take a little nap and in the afternoon (whether the commitment of the Japanese to a short day’s sleep explains their harmony).

4) Positive Stress For The Body.

Positive stress is the main secret of human health.

Briefly, it is necessary that food and exercise be varied.


  • To spend unloading days and starvation;
  • Practice dousing with cold water, contrast shower; dip in a bath with cold water or an ice-hole; to visit the bathroom with a mandatory douche;
  • Learn to enjoy moderate pain. Its sources are walking barefoot on hard grass and pebbles, massage and self-massage, a broom in a bath, lying on the applicator;
  • From time to time to hold your breath.

HGH is one of the elixirs of health, youth and harmony that we can adequately provide for ourselves. You need to know Wellness MGT about weight loss with your body.


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