How to Prevent Stress Related Weight Gain in Women


If you are a victim of stress, this can lead you either weight gain or weight loss but it all depends upon you because there are some people who gain weight while there are other who lose weight due to getting stress. As far as women are concerned, most of them gain stress related weight and there are frequent complaints from women.

If compared to men, women have multiple responsibilities on their shoulders such as pressure from their jobs, responsibilities of their children, husband and other family members, their involvement in social activities and many other activities in which they get involved and ultimately they begin feeling stresses which cause them gain more weight and their stress level gets even higher.

Eat Healthy Foods

The first and most important thing for a woman to avoid stress related weight is to eat healthy meal every day and they must avoid eating unhealthy foods or the ones which are considered to be one of the causes of weight gain.

When you are eating, don’t look what is tastier and more delicious but looks for the health benefits. Stay away from processed foods and flavored yogurt which contains lots of sugar. Remember, if you are healthy, you can enjoy everything in your life.

Take Proper Sleep

No doubt, women have lots of responsibilities but they are also careless about their sleep. If they have time, they love to chat with their friends rather than sleeping and this habit deprive them taking proper sleep.

Remember, if you don’t take at least 8 hours of silent sleep every night, you will not wake up fresh and relaxed and throughout the day, you will feel fatigue and tired. This all will increase the level of stress because you don’t be able to finish your everyday tasks in time.

Exercise to Beat Stress

Don’t make yourself lazy with no physical activities at all but you must get yourself involved in physical activities especially in exercises. In fact, exercise is the best tool to treat not just stress but also weight gain.

When you exercise, the cortisol levels in your body are greatly reduced and in the result, the stress level gets lowered. Once the stress level gets lowered, your body’s ability to gain weight also reduced.

Avoid Consuming Alcohol

When you are going through stress, you crave for drinking alcohol but keep in mind that turning to alcohol consumption will not help you with your stress but it will actually make your problem worse.

It has been proven that the consumption of alcohol increases the level of stress rather than bringing it down and your ability to fight against stress related weight gained automatically reduced.

Avoid Consuming Sugar

Did you even try to notice that when you are feeling stressed, you feel craving for sugar. It is believed that the sugar works like the drugs in human body and when you don’t eat you feel craving for eating more and therefore, it is always advised to avoid sugar consumption as much as possible.

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