How To Make Pomegranate Smoothie


Pomegranate is a tasty and juicy fruit which can also be used to lose weight without problems. You can use it to make delicious smoothie and here you can learn the recipe of how to prepare pomegranate smoothie.

This smoothie can be an interesting alternative to include a low calorie diet. You can include it in breakfast as it has diuretic and cleansing properties along with being an antioxidant. This fruit is quite satiating, so it can also serve as a light dinner with no problems. Follow the recipe and put it into practice in your diet menu.

The Ingredients in Pomegranate Smoothie

  • Juice of pomegranate
  • A small banana
  • A ripe mango
  • The juice of two oranges
  • A few mint leaves
  • Ice
  • Honey or sugar


  • Peel the banana and mango.
  • Squeeze the juice of pomegranate and save a few seeds for garnishing at the end
  • Squeeze the juice of oranges.
  • Place all items in jug of the blender.
  • Blend until a homogeneous and smooth batter is formed
  • Now add crushed ice and mix.


  • Add a little more ice.
  • Add the leaves of mint.
  • Garnish with saved seeds of pomegranate.

The delicious and nutritious pomegranate smoothie is ready.

Variations in this Smoothie

You can also apply some variation in this smoothie according to your choice and requirement. So you can add some fruit as well as replace the ones mentioned in the ingredient parts of this recipe.

A good choice could be watermelon, melon or tangerine while you can also add a few nuts.

You can also substitute the mint leaves with basil leaves or spinach to make it more nutritious.

Nutritional Information

  • 100 grams of pomegranate usually provides about 70 calories.
  • A small banana, about 100 grams, will give you about 100 calories.
  • Half a glass of orange juice provides about 40 calories.

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