How to Make a Salad that Fills You Up


Now that the holidays have come and gone it’s time to get back to a regular schedule of studying for your online nursing degree, a regular sleep schedule, and regular eating habits. More than likely you’ve indulged in the many sweets, treats, and drinks that are just part of the holidays, which means you may have a bit of weight to lose.

Salads can make for a wonderful and healthy meal allowing you to add all kinds of nutritious and tasty ingredients to them. The problem with salads is that they aren’t always filling, leaving you hungry just a short time later.

Here are some ways that you can tweak your salad to make it more filling without taking away from its healthiness.

Add Protein

One of the quickest and easiest ways you can take a salad from tasty, to tasty and filling, is by adding protein to it. Protein can be in a variety of forms such as beans, meat, fish, or eggs. No matter what you pick it is bound to help you fill up your stomach and leave you feeling satisfied.

The trick to adding protein to your salad is that it needs to enhance and work with the other items in the salad. With that in mind, you may want to pick your protein first and then build the salad around it.

One popular and wildly tasty salad that will keep you full for hours is the blue cheese and steak salad. This salad includes romaine lettuce, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, sirloin steak, blue cheese, and ranch dressing. The key to this salad is to serve the steak hot off the grill and crumble the blue cheese on it so it melts.

Skip the Greens

When we hear the word “salad” we instantly associate it with greens of some sort. Salad doesn’t have to include greens. In fact there are all kinds of other “salads” that pack a real tasty punch, plenty of health benefits, and are more filling than a typical green salad. Now let’s not forget that greens are healthy and important to our bodies, but sometimes you’re looking to try something different.

You can make a salad that features grains such as lentils, quinoa, couscous, or brown rice and feel much fuller than a typical iceberg lettuce based salad.

Pick Your Salad Dressing Wisely

The salad dressing you choose will also have an impact on how full you feel afterwards. Instead of reaching for low fat, low calorie prepared options, mix up your own dressing using virgin or canola oil. These oils do wonders for your body plus they leave you feeling fuller. When you mix your own dressing you will have control over what goes in it and the flavor you create.

Pick a Healthy Option and Feel Great

As you shift your focus to your online masters in nursing degree, your regular commitments and tasks, remember that it is possible to eat a tasty and healthy salad that keeps you feeling full for many hours to come.

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