How to Avoid Injuries When You Begin Jogging Routine


Jogging has been a proven way for achieving great fitness and health. This simple movement will not just make you fit and healthy but will also help you save from a number of common and chronic diseases effecting and destroying the lives of people.

Eliminate Chronic Diseases

Jogging is useful for reducing the risk of diabetes by eliminating its causes. You can also have stronger bones and muscles and the fear of gaining weight will be completely terminated because when you jog, you burn calories and when you burn calories you actually burn fat stored in the depth of body.

Learn Jogging Techniques

To maximize your performance and the betterment of the results, you really need to know jogging techniques. These are essential factors of your training and if you ignore them you won’t be able to bring improvement in your movement and the jogging pace will not be increased. Some people give excuses that they don’t have time in the morning and for such people, Jogging at night would be a great idea.

Avoid Jogging Injuries

If you are weak and don’t have good body condition and suffering from some health problems, you are always more prone to get injuries. If injuries occur, this will stop you maintain regularity and surely, it will be a loss for you. However, if you manage to prevent jogging injuries, you will get great achievement. Thought, the injuries are quite common, if you learn and use proper techniques of jogging, you can successfully reduce the risk and danger involved in it.

Jogging Positions

Different people prefer to use different types of jogging positions which include vertical or upward, forward lean, bounding up or bounding down etc.

  • All of the positions are good and have their own advantages but the experts suggest avoiding doing all forms at once because they may not be suitable for your body type.
  • The best position suggested by experts for most of body type is forward lean. This position will enable you to keep your body in balanced form and greatly improve the efficiency.
  • It is also suggested that the joggers must avoid moving vertical or upward positions and instead of them work with horizontal or forward motions.
  • When you begin jogging, keep your head and eyes straight but keep your chin downward. Keep your both feet in circular motion and move them up and down positions.

Warming Up

It is really important to have a short warm-up session to prepare your body for jogging. No matter what you do to warm your body, it will be useful to improve your overall performance. You can have a brisk walking for 2 – 3 minutes for this purpose or you can do sprinting, weightlifting or even aqua walking.

Jogging Track & Shoes

If you don’t access to a jogging track, you can use a public park but normally the parks don’t have jogging tracks. If the park you selected has an ideal jogging track that is good but if it does not, it should not have hard ground. The hard surface will not allow you to increase your speed and you might find it really difficult to achieve your targeted miles. Wearing exclusively designed jogging shoes will also help you increase your speed.

The common injuries include tendonitis and muscle sprains and it is proven that over-training is a major culprit for such injuries, therefore, avoid over-training. Have a light walk for a few minutes after you have finish your workout, this will cold down your body and the beginning jogging session will be successfully ended.

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