How Root Canals are bad for Health?


Dental problems can occur to any person at any time. People eat various kinds of food stuff daily. No matter the food is healthy or junk; it does contain some ratio of bacteria and germs. Similar to all the other parts of the body, these bacteria and germs affect the teeth of a person as well. When too much bacteria or germs are accumulated on teeth then teeth tend to become weaker and less efficient in performing their tasks. The person develops tooth ache too often. Not using good toothpaste can be another cause for increasing teeth problems these days.         A good toothpaste couple with a good tooth brush can be a good investment which can save you from various teeth diseases. There are various brands of tooth brush available in the market, click here to read why oral-b is better than philips sonicare. In this article we will be talking about one of the most common dental process and its effect in your health.

What is Root Canal?

Root Canal is the name of a dental process that is carried out when your tooth or teeth is severely attacked by the teeth cavity and it induces too much pain on eating. In a root canal surgery, dentists kill teeth nerves that induce pain alongside removing the cavity. Tooth is also affected as it does not feel any sensitivity afterwards and needs a cap to stay protected.

How it is performed?

A live pulp is removed from the tooth of a root canal and later it is replaced with a synthetic material. This placement of a synthetic material prevents the tooth from appearing to rot away. However, it does away with the internal damage, which may be a reason for toothache and the damage from an untreated cavity. Thus, root canal does not solve all your problems as told by your dentist.

Dentists remove the tissue from the central root during a root canal where there are thousands of tiny side canals that are not touched by the doctor. Later when the root is removed, nerves in the side canals also die and rot. This again becomes a breeding ground for more bacteria and infection.

Root canals are also connected to the immune diseases that include Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) and multiple sclerosis (MS). These diseases are fueled by anaerobic bacteria that survive on the remaining roots of teeth in the little side canals. These bacteria do not require oxygen for their survival. This means that they feed and live on the dead human tissues. This infection readily spreads without our knowledge.

Why it is bad for health?

According to one of the research studies, if a root canal tooth is removed from a human body and placed in the mouth of an animal, the animal develops bacterial diseases and the human body is cured. Moreover, root canals also hinder and damage connection between teeth and other body parts because the specific tooth lies on the same meridian point as different organs, glands, tissues, etc.

In the present world, root canal dental surgery is a lucrative business for dentists and dental clinics. Though it is money-oriented, root canal contain toxic pathological bacterium that may become a root cause for many other diseases. Root canals also hinder the chances of dental healing. Root canals are dangerous for health that is why; dentists consider it a threat to expose truths related to root canals.

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