How Much Does 200 Push-ups a Day Affect a Body?


The humble push up is one of the simplest yet most effective workouts known to man. You don’t need any fancy equipment, a gym membership, or even a workout space, all you need is your own body and the proper motivation.

Why Push-ups?

From commandos to special forces soldiers, push-ups are an integral part of any workout. This is because they have a myriad of benefits and have a low chance of causing injury.So, it should come as no surprise why many special forces or SWAT selection courses require participants to be able to perform an insane number of push-ups in order to even qualify.For example, prospective Navy SEALs need to be able to perform a minimumof 42 pushups in 2 minutes, with the average being at least 100 push-ups in 2 minutes.

At this point, you might be wondering:

What is it that makes push-ups so important and why is this simple exercise used as a measurement of your fitness level?

Read on to learn more about how 200 push-ups a day can change your life.

How Much Does 200 Push-ups a Day Affect Your Body?

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Improved Strength

Simply put, push-ups make use of the muscles in your arms, abs and lower back. By doing 200 push-ups a day, you will be able to quickly improve the size and strength of your biceps and triceps within 2 weeks.

Along with this, you will find that your arms have become much more toned and your lean muscle mass has increased. This increase in strength is a great confidence booster and will serve to improve your performance in other exercises. By incorporating push-ups into your regimen, you will be able to easily increase your strength without having to pump crazy amounts of iron while still looking shredded.

The UK’s most violent prisoner Charles Bronson’s workout regimen sees him doing up to 2,000 push-ups a day at a rate of 1,000 push-ups an hour. As a result of this insane routine, Charles Bronson was reportedly so strong that he could bend the bars of his prison cell.

A Stronger Core

If you’ve always wanted washboard abs, you need to incorporate push-ups into your workout routine. This is because push-ups are a great way of strengthening your core.

Being a full body workout, push-ups help you work on your core muscles i.e. abs, waist and pelvis, while at the same time, burning off all that stubborn belly fat.

On the short-term, a stronger core means killer abs that look awesome on the beach or by the poolside.

On a more serious note, having a strong core has a myriad of health benefits, such as a lower chance of suffering from injuries as well as better protection for your spinal cord and internal organs.

Better Upper Body Definition

If you’ve ever wished that you had a better looking upper body, look no further, as push-ups are proven to be one of the most effective ways towards a killer upper body.

According to fitness expert LaReine Chabut, when you do a push up, you make use of your core muscles to keep your back straight, while pulling your stomach towards your spine at the same time.

In a nutshell, this means that not only do push-ups strengthen your arms and core, but also your back and shoulders too. All of this translates into a stronger, more toned upper body.

Improved Balance

By coordinating all of the muscles being used while doing push-ups, you will notice improved responsiveness and balance in your body. For example, you will find that you suddenly have become much more “aware” and that it is more difficult to lose your balance.

Olympic gymnasts with their extreme levels of balance, control and upper body strength are the ultimate example of how push-ups and bodyweight training can produce results that are out of this world.

Increasing Your Muscle Density

As many of our older readers would know, your body tends to lose muscle density as you grow older. Consequently, reduced muscle mass means that many older folks become frail, weak and are more susceptible to picking up injuries from falls and slips.

Not only that, there is a higher risk that older people will suffer from osteoporosis i.e. reduced bone density, which makes them more susceptible to broken bones and fractures.

Fortunately, as push-ups are low impact, bodyweight exercises, they have the benefit of helping you increase your muscle density. In turn, it helps improve vitality, balance and fitness, which also helps combat osteoporosis.

That is why many older athletes can benefit from push-ups, as they will be able to maintain their muscle density and strength, even as they grow older.

Cardiovascular Endurance

While a single push up may not do much in terms of cardiovascular training, 200 a day can pose a serious enough challenge to help you give your heart and lungs a serious workout.

If you don’t have the time or space to perform any cardiovascular training, push-ups are a great way for you to kill two birds with a single stone.

On the long-term, as your body’s metabolism and blood circulation increase, you will find that you have better stamina as well as improved muscular endurance.


Push-ups are quite likely the simplest yet most effective workout for the human body. Whether you live in a country home in Texas or a studio apartment on the Upper East Side, push-ups can be done anywhere, anytime with minimal fuss.

Alongside this, body weight workouts are proven to be beneficial at reducing the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and even hypertension. With its many benefits to your health, push-ups are a definite must-have in any fitness regimen.

That said, you may even do this training along with some fitness gear. For example, ones you are able to find at Seal Grinder PT. Since push-ups can be so daunting, especially if you’re a beginner, getting some gear might give you the push you need.

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