How Cycling will Improve Your Health


All of us know that cycling contributes a lot to maintaining our health and saving our environment. Still, most of us cannot be specific enough when enunciating the benefits of cycling to our health. To solve this problem, we have listed down various ways on how cycling will improve your health. Whether you want to buck yourself up or encourage one of your friends to take up cycling, this list will come handy. Take a look.

Become Ten Years Younger

As long as you don’t have a jinni in your pocket, you’ll have to suffice with your cycle for rolling back the years. Studies have proved that when it comes to general health, cycling enjoys the fitness of someone who is approximately 10 years younger.

Low Impact Exercise

Most of us want to be “in the groove” but can’t dare to do the high impact exercises listed in the gym. Similarly, for patients who are recovering from an illness, doctors ask them to go for low impact exercises to expedite their recovering process. Of the many low impact exercises, cycling is the most underrated. Despite the fact that it is kind on your joints, it serves the same purpose as a high impact exercise like running.

No Stress

Ask anybody who does exercise and he might tell you how it has lowered their stress levels. Cycling does the same with the added benefit that since it is low impact, it doesn’t take as much energy out of your body as other exercises do while returning the same amount of relaxation For exercise, you can choose hybrid bike, Check more about best hybrid bike on First Light Cycling

You can set your resistance levels

There are many factors in cycling – such as wind speed, wind resistance, theslope of the trail, and gearing, which allows you to set your resistance levels. For example, if you feel one day of putting in some extra exertion, try going uphill and/or against the wind. On the contrary, if you are feeling down on a particular day, try riding with the wind so you’d have to put in minimum effort.

Tones your entire body

When it comes to toning down your entire body, not many exercises are as brilliant as mountain cycling. You are constantly shifting your weight, working your chest, abs, and arms to improve both your upper and lower body strength. There will be times when you will have to carry your bike, forcing your legs to do the extra work.

Improve balance

Balance is necessary no matter which field of life you’re in. While cycling might not teach you how to balance your bank account, it can give you a hint by forcing you to improve your balance and coordination while riding.


Studies have shown that those employers who exercise either before the work or during lunch time are more confident, at ease, bear less stress, and complete their work much early than that of their colleagues.

Made for everyone

Cycling is made up for every person. No matter whether you’re a toddler or a pensioner, able-bodied or disabled, there is no one who can complain that cycling is not made for him.

Burn calories

If you want to remain fit and smart, you cannot do that without burning calories. Consequently, when it comes to cycling, an hour of brisk cycling will take care of around 500 calories.

Just Three times a week

Although we recommend that you use your cycle to get to work everyday, researchers predict you can garner the same advantages if you do two short rides followed by one long ride every week.

Change your pace on Short rides

If your riding trail involves both uphill and downhill roads, you can pace your cycling when going uphill and relax your legs while going down. Or you can follow up a 5minute brisk cycling period with a 5-minute easy one to allow you to remain cool throughout the journey.

Go steady on long rides

If you’re planning to cover long distances but don’t want to feel beleaguered when you arrive at your destination, go steady. In this way, you won’t be exerting a huge amount of energy but your fats will start to burn after the first 90 minutes.  Also, make sure you carry some source of water supply. Because, you know!! You don’t want to end up dehydrated, right?

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