Herbalife Reviews for Their Most Recent Lineup Release – Instant Soup


The latest Herbalife reviews for its Instant Soup have been widely positive. Customers appreciate the taste and ease of the delicious soup and the availability of a new Herbalife Nutrition meal replacement item. Distributors can now offer Instant Soup to customers based in the United States and Puerto Rico.   

Herbalife Announces Instant Soup 

Keeping on brand, Herbalife announced in November 2021 its intention to expand the product catalog by offering plant-based Instant Soup. The plant-based soups are packed with flavor and contain 15 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving. The makers of Instant Soup wanted to provide a meal replacement offering to stave off hunger between mealtimes. Preparation only requires adding hot water with the soup ready to eat in minutes. An independent Herbalife distributor can assist with purchasing Instant Soup and suggesting recipes.

Nutritional Information 

For a simple food, the Herbalife Instant Soup is highly nutrient-dense. Flavor options include chicken and vegetable and creamy chicken. The chicken and vegetable soup uses soy and pea protein to sate hunger. The soup is also high in fiber to improve regularity and keep individuals full for longer. Although the soup has a velvety texture, the Chicken and Vegetable Instant Soup has only 130 calories per serving, while the Creamy Chicken contains 80 calories. Product reviews for the chicken and vegetable soup also point out that the mixture is dairy-free. To prepare, add six to eight ounces of hot water to the dry soup mix. Stir and then enjoy.  


Herbalife reviews point out the ease of making the soup. The Instant Soup comes in both pre-measured packets and a powder concentrate. For each serving, add one package or two scoops of powder to a bowl. Pour in hot water and mix until fully dissolved. To make the soup thicker, add less water. Blend in protein and vegetable options with the soup to make a heartier meal. Season the top with chopped green onion or parsley leaves. The soups also work as a delicious sauce for lean protein options, such as chicken and turkey. Broccoli, asparagus, and green beans also have a yummy taste when the instant soup is poured over the top. When used as a sauce, prepare the soup with less water — approximately four ounces per serving.

About Herbalife Products 

Instant Soup is just one of many Herbalife products available to customers in the United States. Herbalife Nutrition develops meal replacements to help those looking to look and feel good. Protein shakes are among the bestsellers developed by Herbalife. The shakes, along with all other products, will help reduce hunger until the next mealtime. The protein shakes, protein bars, and protein bites are full of vitamins and minerals to help provide a well-balanced meal. The company also produces a line of delicious and energizing tea as well as a digestive aloe drink.  

About Herbalife

Herbalife, founded in 1980, has continuously produced high-quality nutrition products. The company follows a Seed to Feed process to make sure it surpasses all quality assurance standards. The majority of manufacturing of products by Herbalife is done in-house with the utilization of locally-sourced ingredients. Each year, more than half a million tests are done to evaluate products. Herbalife product reviews will help the company assess consumer satisfaction. Independent distributors provide a personalized approach to selling all Herbalife items, including Instant Soup. 

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