Get Away With Ugly Belly Fat


There is no way denying it that the belly fat is a very big embarrassment, every time you sit down. However much you might be successful in getting away from the stomach fats, but there is no way admitting that the right rolls of fat just underneath your breasts, is a source of a sorry sight, which you try but fail to hide miserably at any gatherings. There are many articles devoted to how to lose belly fat as quickly and as effectively possible, but actually, I had quite an interesting read, and please follow the link: if you want to enlighten yourself on solutions for belly fat.

Why does a person get belly rolls only when he is seated?

It’s quite hard to believe that the belly rolls are the most important complaint of the dieters. The dieters feel that it’s very disgusting if after following a gruesome diet plan, a person feels lean and fit only while standing only to feel bouts of disappointment when one grabs a chair.

But, if thought radically, there are reasons for appearing lean and fit while standing. This happens because, when a person stands, his spine and torso get elongated, thus spreading the excess fat of the body throughout the entire body structure. In fact, good posture is one of the best ways to keep yourself lean and lanky. There are even postures which can make you look fit and lean instantly. But when, a person sits all the skin and the flesh and skin get contracted to develop a few temporary fleshy folds, which are known as the infamous “belly rolls” which everyone experiences while sitting down.

Diet vs Exercise: The Best way to fight your beer belly

The correct answer to this question would be a balanced combination of both would be of a great help. But still, the tactical question is: what is more important diet or exercise?

Ugly Belly Fat

Studies suggest that exercise is of paramount importance when it comes to having a healthy midriff. One study found out that aerobic activities are one of the greatest contributors when it comes to loosing of the visceral fat. A research came to the conclusion that people who had greater levels of cardiovascular fitness (also known as aerobic fitness) were most likely to have leaner midsection, even if those men were obese or overweight.

But this doesn’t mean that diet is not at all important. Many of the calorie coaches would agree to the fact that to get over belly fat, it is very important that the person should include more protein in their diet. Creating a personalized diet plan that is high in protein and also consists of the healthy amount of carbs and essential fats is very important to reach a healthy weight.

Besides, if you are not in a habit of regular exercise like lifting weights, actually there is no better time to start. Following a very basic total body program two or three times a week will put your body in the desired shape. You could start with the simple basics like walking, swimming, yoga or basic strength training.

If you want to reduce those belly rolls or more importantly the belly fat, please start to follow and build your own health regime as soon as possible, because as they say, prevention is always better than cure.

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