Fresh Motivators to Get Fit


What moves you?  We can have the best intentions about diet and exercise control, but to actually keep that commitment, we must look at the goals within ourselves and outside forces that shape our behavior. What makes us keep that commitment?

The Mind Body Connection

We may be genetically predisposed to a slow metabolism or Grandma’s heavy hips, but our outlook on life can help change things.  Viewing ourselves as fixed entities incapable of change dooms us to never change. Genetic predisposition is only about a higher likelihood of experiencing an issue. DNA loads the gun, but the environment we choose will pull the trigger. Instead of resigning ourselves to fate, a growth mindset ensures we are capable of growing and changing into our better selves.  Focus on a mantra of self-love and the belief that you are on a journey of positive change.  Yoga and meditation can help set those self-affirming goals.

Extrinsic Motivation and Being Part of a Greater Whole

Help put your fitness goals into perspective.  It’s not just about your own selfish reasons to get fit (though looking great and living longer are great motivators).  There are other people depending on us that can also help us with our goals.  Having a workout buddy or accountability partner can keep us true to the cause.  For an even deeper connection, think about the greater web of life we are all connected to.  Eating a vegetarian, or better yet, a vegan diet reduces the load humans put on the environment.  Simply by reducing fatty animal products and processed food removes excess landfill packaging.  Working the land directly emphasizes that we are part of something greater. For ideas, visit Igardenplanting.Com and make yourself a whole yard of seedlings cheering you on.  Those plants are relying on you to get your butt off the couch and into the garden.  They will reward you with fresh healthy produce in return.

Making it Easy for Yourself

Having delicious low calorie healthy foods right in your backyard makes it easier to eat well.  Reducing barriers to success will ensure you stay the path.  Keep the temptation of junk food and fast food away from your home and work place.  Prepare healthy snacks ahead of time.  Put your treadmill in the living room in front of your television. We may have noble goals, but our basic desires are stronger. It is a classic elephant and rider problem.  If the elephant is hungry and sees a farm of yummy bananas, you bet it’s crashing the fence and straying off the path.  Just like the rider has limited control over the more powerful elephant, our deeper drives sometimes cannot be controlled.  Keeping away temptation and providing better alternatives will keep us from cheating ourselves of a healthier future.

With the right growth mind set, awareness of being part of something greater, and removing barriers to success, you can be the best person you can be.  Have you ever seen a fat farmer?

About Author

Khalid Irfan is blogger by passion and digital marketer by profession, he is a health enthusiast too. He loves to share about Health and Fitness tips, Diet, Nutrition and Natural home made remedies for our day to day health problems.