Frequently Asked Questions About Jogging – Part 1


Q 1) How many calories does jogging burn?

Jogging is a very effective exercise to lose weight and if you are jogging regularly, it will help you gain lots of healthy benefits including large number of calories burned. Jogging can help you burn approximately 10-12 calories per minutes.

Q 2) Does jogging burn fat?

Yes, it burns fat but it actually burns from every part of your body rather than spot fat reduction. Jogging is a good cardiovascular exercise and if you adopt it in your raily routine life, you can easily lose fat throughout your body.

Q 3) Does jogging help lose weight?

Yes, it helps but it normally depends upon the time you spend in jogging. Jogging helps in losing the fat which is stored in your blood stream and in the result you lose massive weight. Jogging does not require lots of hardships and your body does not have to consume the energy which is stored in the body.

Q 4) Does jogging burn belly fat?

Yes, it does. But you can also use the other alternative ways for this specific purpose such as the use of stationary bike or elliptical machine. To lose belly fat, another important factor is diet choices. The wrong foods choices can prevent you burning belly fat.

Q 5) Does jogging help you lose weight?

The basic target of jogging is to burn calories in large number and you are doing it successfully, you will surely lose weight. You might also like to use other aerobic exercises such as swimming, running, power walking and jumping role. All of these exercises can help you lose weight.

Q 6) Does jogging burn muscle?

Basically, jogging can help you burn calories and tear muscles of your legs. The exercise improves your heart rate as well as repairs muscles. These muscles might be torn with continuous force and resistance but eventually you will get even stronger muscles mass.

Q 7) Does jogging in place work?

Yes, jogging in place really works as this is a kind cardiovascular workout which increases the heart rate and an increased heart rate actually helps you getting a number of health benefits. You can also use jogging and running together to maximize the benefits of these exercises.

Q 8) Does jogging build muscle?

Running and jogging both are effective for burning muscles rather than building muscles. With the help of jogging you can tone your muscles but cannot really get huge muscles mass on specific areas of your body. However, if you have been jogging for quite a long time, you might be able to get very little lean muscles.

Q 9) Does jogging in place burn calories?

The majority of people adopt jogging in their routine life only because of burning calories. When you jog, your heart rate increased which leads to massive calories burned. However, you should also be diet conscious when you are making efforts to lose calories.

Q 10) Does jogging help your abs?

The best answer should be NO. Because Jogging is basically a cardiovascular exercise which is effective in burning calories and fat but in case of muscle building, it can not be the first option. For building your abs, you better use weight lifting exercises which are exclusively developed for building abs.

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