Foods You Should Eat and Avoid According to Your Blood Type


Some people in Melbourne struggle to lose weight even after going on numerous diets and taking part in regular exercise. But a study suggests that you can lose weight and stay healthy by construction a diet based on your blood type.

The blood type diet was developed by naturopath Peter J. D’Adamo and most people find it to be quite effective in losing kilograms.

So to start your diet, you’ll first need to know what your blood type is. Not sure what yours is? You can simply visit bulk billing doctors South Melbourne has in the area, to conduct a blood test so you can find out what your blood type is.

Once you have the results, use the guide below to find out which foods you should avoid and what foods are beneficial for losing weight according to your blood type.

Healthy Foods Every A+/- Blood Type Should Eat

If you have an A blood type you should opt for a vegetarian diet, preferably organic fresh fruits and vegetables. This is because people with A blood types have sensitive immune systems and digesting meat takes its toll on the body.

People with an A blood type can also eat tofu, seafood, turkey and whole grains. For weight loss eating pineapple, olive oil and soy-based foods are ideal.

Exercises for Your Blood Type

Blood type A should avoid doing high-intensity workouts because it creates a lot of stress on the muscles. The muscles will tighten up and build more lactic acids & increased cortisol levels. Intense cardio can cause extreme fatigue that actually makes A-types gain weight.

So, the best exercise for A blood types is Tai Chi and yoga because they are combined with breathing methods that help relax the muscles. It also tones and strengthens your muscles in a controlled manner.

Foods to Avoid

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you should avoid red meat because it’s difficult for A-types to digest. Dairy, peanuts, lentils, seeds and corn should not be part of your diet either.


Healthy Foods Every B+/- Blood Type Should Eat

Leafy green vegetables are ideal for B-type people. Spinach contains high levels of vitamins and minerals, so include these green leaves in your salads. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and you can eat them any way you like. Eat eggs in the morning instead of cereals.

B-type people can also eat low-fat dairy products, such as yoghurt and goat cheese, but in moderation.

Exercises for your Blood Type

Exercises that work your balance such as yoga, tai chi and cycling can help strengthen & tone your muscles quicker. But B-type people can also do a variety of weightlifting and low intensity cardio.

Foods to Avoid

B-type people shouldn’t have chicken in their diet or seeds, lentils, tomatoes, potatoes and corn. These foods slow down the B-type’s metabolism causing more weight gain, fatigue and water retention.  

Healthy Foods Every AB+/- Blood Type Should Eat

AB blood types inherit both A and B genes. According to the blood type diet, the AB person has the low stomach acids of A-type and B-type’s adaption to a variety of meats. Since the low stomach acids work slowly, the meat will be stored as fat.

If you’re an AB blood type you will lose weight eating dairy products, a variety of seafood and green vegetables such as spinach, kale & green beans.

Exercises for your Blood Type

AB-type people need a healthy balance of calming and high-intensity exercise, since they possess both the A and B genes.

You should split your weekly exercise regimen: have both relaxing and stress relief cardio. For the first three days of the week, you should run, swim or cycle. The last two days of the week should be scheduled for meditation, yoga and any form of breathing exercises. 

Foods to Avoid

If you want to lose weight as an AB-type, avoid eating cured or smoked meats because it will be difficult to digest. You should also keep away from products high in caffeine, such as coffee and sodas.

Healthy Foods Every O+/- Blood Type Should Eat

O blood type people have high levels of stomach acid and can digest meals of protein & fat effectively. So O-type people will lose weight on a high protein diet of lean meat, fish and poultry. They can also eat a variety of fruits and vegetables for balance.

Exercises for your Blood Type

The O-type individual will strengthen and tone muscles with regular high-intensity cardio. Sprinting is an excellent way to speed up the metabolism and build stronger muscles. Plyometrics, sprinting and aerobics are exercises that will help O-type people lose weight faster.

Foods to Avoid

You should avoid eating any type of grains, beans and legumes if you want to lose weight. Caffeine is also unhealthy for O-type people so don’t drink coffee, sodas or energy drinks.

Final Thoughts

Which blood type are you? As you can see, these are basic steps to help you with a healthier lifestyle according to your blood type. However, you should visit a GP South Melbourne based before adjusting your diet, in case you have a health problem that the blood type diet could make worse.

Also, if you have health problems the blood type diet can’t fix, consult bulk billing doctors South Melbourne based to help you with your needs. 

Don’t opt for diet fads that don’t work. If you want to strengthen your muscles and eat healthier use the blood type diet to help you. Imagine the results you’ve always wanted!

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