Five Vegan Fat Burning Snacks


Some people hate the idea of not eating meat, however veganism and the vegan diet has caught on in recent years as the diet totes a variety of health benefits, including clear your skin. While some folks find it hard to switch their diet, learn new recipes and even different flavors, we compiled a small list of little snacks to help you ease your way into the diet without sacrificing flavor or going too outside your comfort zone!

Let’s get NUTS

Skin CareNuts are just nature’s perfect snacks for a vegan diet, both satisfying to grab a few at a time and crunch down on and able to be set into easy portions to take on the go. They are also healthy sources of protein and minerals. Brazil nuts contain selenium, which plays a key role in metabolism. Walnuts are a great source of polyunsaturated fat, which can boost the metabolism of insulin and help reduce our body’s fat storage. Almonds are great snacks to try before heading to the gym. They contain L-arginine, an amino acid found to help burn off more carbs and fat during a workout!!

Ah, Avocado!

avacado DietThere are so many ways to enjoy this great fruit full of healthy nutrients and yes, an avocado is indeed a fruit and even more accurately a berry! Avocados are filled with fiber, are a good source of monounsaturated fats and contain the mother of all antioxidants, glutathione. Use it as a spread on a sandwich or on a slice of toast sprinkled with a little red pepper. Pick up a few more ingredients and whip it into a nice fresh guacamole! My favorite is just to slice it in half, take out the pit and enjoy with a spoon like nature’s perfect weight loss sorbet! The best part is there are two halves so it’s the perfect way to share. “Hey, want to split an avocado?”


blueberries dietA small fruit, perfect snack-sized fruit that is low in calories and can be paired nicely with that bag of nuts you already packed to take with you on the go. They are a great dessert snack to satisfy your sweet cravings and some studies have shown they may help enhance fat metabolism and help suppress your appetite.

Peanut Butter and Anything!

dietCreamy and delicious (or crunchy if that’s your thing), there are so many other great foods you can combine with peanut butter. It is packed with nutrition and contains healthy fats, vitamins E and B6. While PB is high in calories and not typically thought of as a weight loss food, it combines fiber and protein and helps keep you feeling full for longer, so it keeps you eating less overall. When you combine it with other snacks it keeps the portions in moderation while getting all the benefits. Pick up some celery or slice up some apples and dip them in!


hummus dietPerhaps the most popular vegan food in the world and perhaps the most versatile snack on the list. Hummus is another food that combines fiber and protein together and has slower digesting carbohydrates helping keep you full for longer. Hummus is extremely flavorful and comes in so many different varieties as well and can satisfy both savory and sweet palates. It can be a great condiment substitute on a sandwich and is a wonderful dipping food as well. Peppers, carrots and pita bread are among my favorite combinations with whichever hummus you choose!

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