Fitness Benefits of Dark Chocolate


To hear that something as good as chocolate is good for your health is a dream come true. It may even sound too good to be true. However, it’s scientifically proven that dark chocolate has many benefits to your general health as well as benefits for fitness. From improving your running distance to giving you much needed energy, the product epicatechin, a particle found within dark chocolate boasts numerous benefits. In order to reap the benefits of this yummy snack, it’s important to not eat too much or too little.

Epicatechin: The Wonder Particle

What makes dark chocolate so grand? Besides the great taste, there is a secret ingredient within the chocolate called epicatechin. The particle is an odorless white powder that is a part of the flavonoid group. This particle has many health benefits. According to Phytochemical, an informational website on various chemicals, the following benefits can be reaped.

  • Diabetes – This particle is known to act very similar to insulin for diabetics. It can be used to protect the fragile cells much like insulin does.
    Heart – It also has a positive effect on the heart and allows the fragile muscles to relax instead of contract. This aids in overall heart health within heart patients and individuals.
  • Health Concerns – Consuming this particle has shown to lower the risk for stroke, cancer and diabetes. When taken as a vitamin, this particle aids in overall health such as in digestion and the heart.

This amazing particle has so many health benefits when taken in certain quantities. There are products such as the amazing vitamins available that give you excellent epicat results. Using this amazing particle in small amounts can also benefit your overall fitness if you’re active.

Fitness Benefits

Running on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike may be a favorite pastime of yours. Or, you may be trying to lose some excess weight. Whatever your reasoning, dark chocolate can benefit your workout and fitness routine. Here are some of the great benefits of dark chocolate for your cardio or weight training.

  • Endurance – According to a new study performed by London’s Kingston University, dark chocolate has been shown to improve athletic endurance and performance. According to this study, riders used less oxygen after eating dark chocolate and also covered more distance in a shorter amount of time. This is thanks to the particle epicatechin found in the chocolate.
  • Energy – Theobromine and tryptophan are both found within the dark chocolate. These particles are known to give you energy for the day ahead as well as your workouts.
  • Antioxidants – During your workout, antioxidants can aid in your overall performance. Dark chocolate includes a ton of healthy antioxidants such as procyanidins, epicatechins, and catechins that aid in your overall health. When eaten before a workout, this chocolate can boost energy while giving you antioxidants for after you leave the gym.

As you can see, dark chocolate is an amazing food that actually has benefits although the taste is yummy. Although dark chocolate is great, it should be consumed in smaller amounts such as 5 grams. Treat yourself to some dark chocolate sprinkled on your Greek yogurt. Or, add some to your favorite protein shake. However you decide to get your chocolate fix, you can be sure that you are aiding your body in health and wellness.

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