Fermented Foods – Why are They Good for You?


By including a large variety of fermented foods in your diet, you are actually facilitating your body to get a perfect balance of microorganisms which greatly help your body to gain maximum amount of nutrients from the foods and off course, improvement in microorganisms brings you to the way where you will be able to live a healthier and happier life with no health issues at all. This is what everyone wants but there are not too many who are really successful in achieving a healthier life.

What is Fermentation?

You might be wondering what fermentation actually is. Well, this is basically a process of carbohydrates breakdown during which the carbs and other complex substances are broken down into smaller substances. It is said that the fermentation process supply required energy to different bacteria, molds and yeasts. The consequence is resolute by the microorganism.

What Foods are Fermented?

Most of the food items that we consume on daily basis are actually the fermented products. For example, wine and bread are yeast fermented in fruit juices and grain, pickles and sauerkraut are said to be fermented with different types of veggies and yogurt is said to be bacteria fermented in milk. There is a long list of such fermented food items and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Amasi, atchara, appam, ayran
  • Bagoong, burong blaand
  • Manga, calpis, cheonggukjang
  • Chass, chinese pickles, curtido
  • Chicha, cheese, rava dosa
  • Doenjang, dhokla, doubanjiang
  • Doogh, dosa, filmjölk, garri
  • Gejang, garum, gochujang
  • Hongeohoe, igunaq, jeotgal
  • Injera, jogijeot, kaymak, kenkey
  • Kefir, ketchup, kimchi
  • Khanom chin, kiviak, kumis
  • Kombucha, lassi, leben
  • Mixian, mursik, myeongran
  • Palappam, pickles, pulque
  • Puto, rakfisk, shiokara

Why Should You Consume Fermented Foods?

Sometimes you might not like the smell of fermented foods and prefer not to eat it due to its funky smell but you should know that fermented food with strange smell tastes awesome and once you eat, you would love to eat them. In old times, when refrigerating facilities were not available to keep the foods fresh for long time, people preferred to ferment foods so they can be kept and consumed in later months when there would be no more harvesting possible. Fermentation was actually the best possible method to retain and save good bacteria.

What Is Most Important Thing About Fermented Foods?

The most important thing about fermented foods is that they can preserve the beneficial bacteria which are found within the food. Researchers have shown that probiotics are from some best chelators which are proven to be fully capable of draining out most part of toxins as well as other forms of heavy type metals from the body. Those probiotics are basically good form of bacteria and they are one of the major factors that play their vital role in the body to keep the balance of organism well maintained. They are also helpful in eliminating the production of bad bacteria harmful to the body.

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