Super Fat Burning Foods – Get List of Foods That Accelerate Your Fat Burning Process


There is a large list of foods with different flavors and colors but most important of all is that how healthy and effective they are in dealing with various health conditions including weight loss and gain. Not all but certain types of foods can be really helpful in burning more amounts of calories when they are chewed down and therefore, they are considered to be essential part of daily diet to meet weight loss requirement. Those foods don’t just burn calories but also boost metabolism to get it to the highest level of improvement. However, it is really a great challenge to choose from the long list of edibles and for your convenience we have prepared a list of good fat burning foods on your behalf.

List of Fat Burning Foods

Food may be any type of substance consumed to supply nutrients to the body. These may be from the plant or animal but they all contain varied amount of essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Below you will read about different types of foods (list of foods) with the amount of calories you can get from them.

Fat Burning Lean Meat

You know your body needs protein to stay full for longer and this will make your body burn more amount of calories while processing digestion. However, you have to be very careful while choosing from the lean meats as dark meat are believed to contain higher amount of fat which may kill out few of the benefits you intend to get from the healthy foods.



  • Skinless poultry may serve your purpose better as it include the foods that burn fat such as Cornish hens, turkey and chicken. 2-3 ounce of skinless poultry serving normally contains less than three grams fat.
  • Chicken is the major source of getting meat and eggs from the poultry and it is consumed in every part of the world. You can lose about 4-5 kg of weight during the first week of your diet based on the foods prepared with chicken meat.
  • Chicken Meat Nutrition Facts: Per 1 cup, diced or chopped which should be about 140 g of chicken meat contains approximately 306 Calories. Those who prefer to be vegan like to have chicken breast as it contains lower fat and higher protein.

Beef Cuts


  • Natural fat burning foods also include Beef cuts contains lots of nutrients including vitamin B-12 and iron. If the beef cuts are consumed by keeping in view the moderation serving, they can be really healthy for you. You should always select the meat that is at least 90% lean as this will help you keep fat consumption under control.
  • Beef Nutrition Facts: Beef is basically a culinary name given to the type of meat gained from bovines such as cattle, cows, heifers and bulls. Per one serving (85 g) (3 oz) 85% 15% fat, lean meat/broiled contains about 213 Calories.

Pork and Lamb



  • If you don’t want to eat beef, you can choose a lamb or pork cut with lion and this is believed to be very low in fat. Normally lamb or pork cuts have fat on them which can be trimmed off with the help of a sharp kitchen knife. If you combine the cuts with diced zucchini or steamed peppers, you will have a delicious but low fat and low carb meal.
  • Pork Nutrition Facts: Pork is basically a culinary name given to the type of meat gained from the domestically grown up pigs. It is eaten in both preserved as well as freshly cooked form. Per one slice of ham with bone, unheated which should be about 425 g in weight provides about 736 Calories.
  • Lamb Nutrition Facts: Lamb, mutton and hogget are different terms used to refer the type of meat gained from domestic sheep. Cooked amount per three oz 1/4″ fat which should be 85 g in weight provides about 250 Calories.

Another great source of getting protein is fish which is believed to be better than the beef and chicken as it contain great protein. Most of the types of the fishes are found to be lower in fat and higher in omega-3 fatty acids. O3s are found in herring, salmon and various other fishes. Below you can find the amount of calories you can get from different types of oily fish weighing 100g or 3 1/2oz.
table 1

Fat Burning Vegetables &Fruits



You can have a brilliant snack in form of raw vegetables as the consumption of raw veggies can crunch the desire to have more and water found in veggies help one stay fuller for long and most importantly they are very low in calories. If you crave for chips and dips, you can replace them with raw veggies.

table 2


Most of the fruit contains lots of natural sugars which become fat when consumed and therefore, it is always advised to eat fruits but not too much. However, there are some fruits which are called great due to their fat burning properties. Here you will learn about some of the fruits with the amount of calorie they provide to your body.



  • Grapefruit are considered to healthy fat burning foods but they don’t have some kind of supernatural properties for burning fat, it can aid weightwatchers feel filled with lower amount of calories.
  • Grapefruit Nutrition Facts: Per 0.5 fruit (3-3/4″ dia) which may be weighting 123 grams of weight may provide 52 calories. If you just have grapefruit (half or a glass of juice) before you have your regular meal, this will be great for you.

Apples and Pears


  • Apples and pears both have higher amount of water content and if you eat them, they will provide your body with extra fiber and surely this will help you stay fuller for long and you don’t have to eat again and again.
  • Pears Nutrition Facts: Per one medium weighting 178 g can provide your body with 102 Calories. Some expert believe that if you eat raw fruits rather than the juices, you will have to chew them which will not just provide you extra fiber but will also consume more amount of calories.



  • If you include the foods in your diet that contain more water content, this will occupy more space in your stomach and the room left for foods will be small which will help you eat less food and thus contribute to your weight loss program and this is the reason why it is called as one of the best stomach fat burning foods.
  • Watermelon Nutrition Facts: Per One NLEA serving weighting 280 g may provide 85 calories. As far as the water content is concerned, you can’t find a better fruit than watermelon which has lots of nutrients and is very low in calories.

The tiny package of berries is stuffed with lots of fiber and if you just have a cup, it will have about 6 grams of fibers. The other benefits of berries include its sweetening content which makes it a better replacement for sugary foods especially if you have sweet tooth, it can be satisfied with berries. There are different types of berries which can provide you different amount of calories and below you can read how many calories you can get from different types and sizes of berries.

table 3

Fat Burning Dairy Products

Greek Yogurt


  • The protein content found in Greek Yogurt makes it one of the greatest foods that accelerate fat burning as it is in double amount than the others. When you eat Greek Yogurt, your stomach takes more time to proceed it and burns more calories.
  • Greek Yogurt (nonfat) Nutrition Facts: Per One Container weighting 170 g provides 100 calories. You can consume the most appropriate amount according to your fat loss requirement.


  • Studies have shown that if you consume foods that contain protein in the morning, it will help you keep your hunger in control than the carbs. One of the best sources of getting protein is eggs which is said to be having 75 calories but contains about seven grams of protein in high quality.
  • If you eat eggs than heavily loaded carbs breakfast, your body will burn more calories. Egg (boiled) Nutrition Facts: Per One large egg weighting 50 g provides 75 calories.

Skimmed Milk
Skim milk contains plenty of vitamin D and Calcium and the most important thing is that it does not contain fat, yet it has the capability to make your feel fuller for long. When you drink skim milk, your stomach has to take more time to flush it out, thus, it does not let you feel hungry for long and that is why it is considered to be one of the best fat burning foods. Below you can read the number of calories you can get from different amount of skim milk.

table 4

Fat Burning Drinks & Soups

Green Tea

  • As far as the weight loss content of green tea is concerned, it has been shown in a number of studies that it is great in stimulating your body to burn maximum amount of fat especially in abdominal area. Green tea has catechins which is some kind of a phytochemical that is effective in improving metabolism.
  • Green Tea Nutrition Facts: If you want to get the maximum weight loss benefits from green tea, you should drink it many times a day. There are 2 calories in 1 mug of Green Tea and if you breakdown the Calorie, this will be like 0% fat, 0% protein and 100% carbs.



  • The other great drink that can be really effective in helping you lose weight is coffee which improves metabolism and help you reach to the peak of metabolic improvement.
  • Coffee is a fermented hot drink prepared from the baked or parched seeds of numerous species of an immortal plant of the class Coffee. Coffee Nutrition Facts: Per one cup (8 fl oz) weighting 237 g provides 1 Calories.



If you include broth based soup in your diet rather than creamy ones, this will become your true companion in your efforts to lose weight. The soap is full of lots of water and it helps you stay fills for long without getting lots of calories.

The soup is hot and when you consume it, you can’t guzzle it down fast. If you eat or drink soap before you eat meal, it will prevent you taking higher caloric foods. Soap as super fat burning foods can be used with a number of recipes and some of them are mentioned below with the number of calories they may supply you.

table 5

Fat Burning Whole Grain



  • Quinoa is considered to be the most nutritious foods and it should surely be included into your diet plan. If you eat a cup of quinoa, it will provide your body with about five grams of fiber and eight grams of protein which have the ability to bust hunger.
  • Quinoa, uncooked Nutrition Facts: Quinoa has many other nutrients such as vitamin E, selenium, zinc and iron. Per one cup weighting 170 g provides 625 calories.



  • There are 3 main reasons to include oatmeal in your weight loss diet plan. The first reason is that it is rich in fiber, second it contains lots of water and third reason is that when you serve it, it is hot which makes sure that you don’t eat too fast.
  • When you eat slowly, you eat less and your body has time to send signals to your brain that you are filled up now or else you eat more than your actual requirement. Oatmeal Nutrition Facts: Per one cup cooked weighting 234 g provides 158 calories.


  • Chrispbread is also called rye crackers whole grain and it provides very low amount of fat along with good amount of fiber and therefore, it is considered to be a good substitute to the traditional crackers.
  • The researches have shown that those who consume whole grained instead of refined grains can successfully lose belly fat and this is the reason why it is included into best abdominal fat burning foods.

table 6

Best Combinations

What are some fat burning foods combinations? You can find a number of combinations for getting maximum benefits from fat burning foods. You can combine different types of vegetables with fruits and meat or meat with others types of foods. Few of the best combinations are mentioned below:

Green Tea Extract And Caffeine

  • If you look for the fat burners, you will find that there are many but many of them are expensive and most of the people try to find something that is not just cheaper but also effective and for this purpose, the best combination for fat loss foods is green tea and caffeine.
  • These two items are used in almost all fat burning supplements available in the market. The studies have shown that combo of green tea extract and caffeine can significantly increase weight loss.
  • Combine them like this: Green tea extract 500-1000 mg and Caffeine anhydrous 200-400 mg. You can take it an hour before your workout and in the morning and if you have rest days, you can take extra dose in afternoon.

Ginger & Red Pepper


  • Another great fat burning food combinations is ginger and red pepper. Sometimes, it is quite easy to enhance the potential to burn fat as you just have to spice up your meals which you would surely love as this doubles the taste of your foods. For example, if you add ginger and red pepper to your meal, this will not just enhance the taste but will also boost your metabolism.
  • Red pepper has capsaicin which is a type of chemical and it can increase your metabolic rate and raise the norepin-ephrine levels which will automatically boost fat loss. Ginger on the other hand has the properties which are effective in treatment of nausea, inflammation, motion sickness and fat gain.
  • Studies have shown dry and fresh ginger both can play their vital role in increasing the lactic acid production and metabolic rate and this also kindles GH (growth hormones) and those hormones boost lipolysis which is considered to be another great benefit of ginger.
  • You can use the combination of both with Mexican style traditional foods, cottage cheese and eggs. Red pepper can also be used with hot sauces and salsas and another delicious way to eat ginger is to use pickled ginger with sashimi and sushi.

Final Words

The above are some of the best foods for fat burning recommendations and if you follow them, you can get really awesome results. However, you must know what your body’s actually caloric requirements are for the day to stay energetic throughout the day while still losing weight to reach your desired body physique. Choose the food according to the number of calories they provide to stay within minimum caloric limits.

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